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Trump denies asking soldiers to “shoot” at migrants – Lake Shore Gazette

Trump denies asking soldiers to “shoot” at migrants

President Donald Trump moderated remarks he made Friday, saying he had not asked US soldiers to shoot at migrants on the Mexican border if they threw stones at them.

“I did not say shoot,” he said. The soldiers “will not have to shoot. What I do not want is for these people to throw stones.”

Migrants who do it will be “arrested for a very long time,” he said from the gardens of the White House.

On Thursday, during a statement on the subject of immigration, Donald Trump was questioned about how the soldiers he sent to the border would react if migrants threw stones at them.

“If they want to throw stones at our army, our army will retaliate,” he said.

“If they throw stones as they did to the police and the Mexican army, I say, consider it a rifle,” he said.

On Wednesday, Trump announced that up to 15,000 troops could be deployed at the border, while thousands of migrants, mostly Hondurans, are currently on their way to the United States in the hope of filing an application for asylum. ‘asylum.

At four days of tough elections for Republicans in Congress, Donald Trump is once again emphasizing his fiery rhetoric about immigration, picking up some fancy recipes in his 2016 presidential election campaign.

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