Trump administration to reinstate all Iran sanctions

The United States formally confirmed Friday that they would reinstate Monday all “sanctions lifted under the Iran nuclear deal” of 2015, which Donald Trump withdrew.

These sanctions target the energy sectors, including Iranian oil exports that Washington wants to bring as close to zero as possible, as well as the banking sector, shipbuilding and shipping, said US chief of diplomacy Mike Pompeo.

Eight countries, however, will benefit from exemptions and will be allowed to temporarily continue to import Iranian oil, “but only because they have made significant efforts to reduce their crude imports to zero” and “cooperated” with the United States “On many other fronts,” he explained without naming these countries, whose list will be published Monday.

Two of them have pledged to cut their imports completely in the future, the other six will continue to buy Iranian oil, but much less than before the sanctions.

“These negotiations are continuing,” said Mike Pompeo, adding only that the countries concerned were not part of the European Union.

Among the states that should benefit from these exemptions should be South Korea, India, or even Turkey or even China.

To prove the firmness of the Republican government, the secretary of state said that the previous Democratic administration of Barack Obama had granted exemptions to 20 countries.

In all, 700 people or entities will be added to the US blacklist, said the Secretary of the Treasury Steven Mnuchin: 400 who had withdrawn after the agreement of 2015, and 300 additional.

He also said that the United States wanted to cut Iranian financial institutions hit by sanctions, which will also be published Monday, from the Swift international banking channel, except for “humanitarian transactions”.

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