APAC to Foresee Quick Expansion in the Global Polyacrylic Acid Market During 2018-2028

The manufacturing of polyacrylic acid is broadly reliant on its parent market – acrylic acid. The utilization of superabsorbent polymers is assessed to fuel the requirement for polyacrylic acid. These polymers have discovered broad application in the overall market since they can ingest water up to multiple times of its very own weight. In addition, polyacrylic acid promptly breaks down in water and is broadly expanded in the treatment of wastewater effluents and sewage water. This is foreseen to remain as one of the noteworthy fuelling aspects for the polyacrylic acid market.

Wellbeing and security standards are executed in every nation and the ones in the Europe and North America market are seen to be more stringent as compared to different regions, for example, Asia Pacific. The polyacrylic acid, however, observed to be non–harmful, irritates eye and skin. Consequently, its utilization in the cosmetics sector is restricted and limited.

In terms of the type, the worldwide market includes terpolymer, homopolymer, and copolymer. In terms of the physical state, the worldwide market for polyacrylic acid is segmented as powder polyacrylic acid and liquid polyacrylic acid. In terms of the application, the worldwide market can be categorized as thickeners, conditioners, dispersing agents, anti-scaling, emulsifiers, clarifying agents and ion-exchangers.

From a geographical perspective, the Asia Pacific regional market for polyacrylic acid is anticipated to be one of the foremost drivers as several producers are observed to invest in this region to sustain with the demand whereas keeping lower manufacturing prices. A few of the nations in the region, for instance, India and China, in addition, have lower minimum daily wages that moreover brings down the labor cost concerned in the manufacturing of polyacrylic acid. Amid nations in the Asia Pacific, China is likely to continue as one of the remarkable users of polyacrylic acid whereas India is likely to foresee a quick expansion all through the assessment period. The manufacturing capacity in Europe is in addition discovered to continue as high as well as in consumption terms, the region conforms to the Asia Pacific usage of polyacrylic acid. The consumption of the North America market for polyacrylic acid is projected to expand at a comparatively healthy rate because of the policies concerning to the product applications. Low IM/EX (Import/Export) activities are observed in the polyacrylic acid market since the usage pattern conforms to the regional manufacturing trends.

A few of the market players in the worldwide market for polyacrylic acid identified all over the value chain are Arkema S.A., BASF SE, Dow Chemical Company, The Lubrizol Corporation, Ashland Global Specialty Chemicals Inc., Kemira Oyj, ZEEL PRODUCT, NIPPON SHOKUBAI CO., LTD., Maxwell Additives Pvt. Ltd., Polysciences, Inc., CHEMTEX SPECIALITY LTD., PROTEX INTERNATIONAL and others

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