As Autonomous Vehicles pace for Transformation of Mobility Ecosystem, AI Chipsets Witness Stir in Demand

The artificial intelligence chipsets market is pacing rapidly as AI-based devices such as smart speakers and AR/VR headsets are witnessing momentum in demand. As deep learning picks heat for several areas of everyday functioning, large data sets with deep learning models is a question. This requires powerful chips for crunching large numbers. With continual advancements, AI chips are receiving the push to emerge victorious than before.

Apart from this, excessive use of social networks on the Internet and e-commerce generate massive amount of data. For example, e-commerce users in India generate above 30-40 terabytes of data every day, which is equivalent to text on 50 lacs yellow pages directory. The need to process such massive amount of data at faster rate is fuelling demand for AI chipsets. The AI chipsets market is at gains, in turn.

At present, as the automotive sector is reeling under transformation for the entire mobility ecosystem, AI is poised to play a big role. With the race for self-driving cars at notable stages of testing and prototyping, development of human-aware AI systems is gathering steam. The process involves large amount of data sets that needs powerful AI chips. Such transformation in the entire automotive ecosystem is likely to provide a stir for AI chipsets market.

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Keen Participation of Global Technology Giants underscores Expansion

Advent of newer AI chips is a plus for their increasing use. Large technology giants such as Amazon Web Services, Google, and Microsoft have rolled out newer AI chips of higher configuration. Inferentia of Amazon Web Services, Intel’s Myriad 2 AI chip, and Google’s Tensor Processing Unit (TPU) are some new powerful AI chips that are challenging products of dominant Nvidia in this space.

On the flip side, dearth of skilled technical personnel for troubleshooting related to AI chipsets and lack of standards and protocols are some impediments for adoption of AI chipsets. This slows growth of AI chipsets market to some extent.

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