Secure Digital Memory Cards Market is projected to bring in US$ 8,952.9 Million in terms of revenue

Secure Digital (SD) memory card is finding large application in portable devices. Advancement in the NAND technology is likely to drive the application of SD memory card. Moreover, increasing use of mobile phones worldwide is also contributing to the growth of micro SD card. Companies are adding innovative features to the SD cards in order to attract customers and increase sales. Features such as free software, memory-expansion option, and waterproof SD cards with a capability to withstand extreme climatic conditions are being introduced in the global market for SD memory card. Data recovery software is being provided on a large scale by manufacturers.

Companies are launching fastest and largest capacity SD memory cards to stay competitive in the global SD memory card market. Moreover, in order to meet the growing demand of Gigabyte wireless communication, 8K video, and 360-degree camera, SD Association in 2017 introduced a UHS-III bus interface to double the transfer rate, with a speed of 624MB per second. This presents an opportunity for new and high anticipated video and imaging features.

As per the latest report by Persistence Market Research (PMR), the global SD memory card market is likely to see a slow growth between 2017 and 2022. By 2022 end, the global market for SD memory card is projected to bring in US$ 8,952.9 Million in terms of revenue.

SD Memory Cards to be Used on a Large Scale in Mobile Phones

Global sales of smartphones are increasing with the introduction of new brands with enhanced features. Hence, this is driving the demand for SD memory cards to be used in mobile phones. Increasing use of various applications is also resulting in the growth of the global SD memory card market. Companies are launching memory cards that can be used for a prolonged time in extreme temperatures. Companies are also introducing new SD memory cards that work for specific devices such as Android-based devices and iOS based devices with unique features.

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Promising Future of Micro SD Card in the Global Market for SD Memory Card

Various factors are contributing to the growth of micro SD memory card such as ease of use, high performance, and economical for storing lots of data in mobile phones. Rising popularity of gaming presents a huge opportunity for the micro SD card manufacturers. As people are buying SD cards for storing their games. Meanwhile, SD cards are also being used on a large scale in security and defense in order to store footage by a surveillance camera. Nowadays, micro SD cards are also used in PC with the help of card reader. Most of the desktops and laptops are integrated with a card reader, thereby, driving the demand for micro SD cards.

secure digital memory card market

Rise of IoT to Increase the Application of SD Memory Card in Various Devices

The growing use of Internet of Things (IoT) technologies is boosting the global market for SD memory card. Connected devices require more storage space to manage a large amount of data. Hence, SD memory cards can play an important role in IoT devices. For instance, connected vehicles produce a large amount of data, reliable storage solutions are witnessing increasing demand for use in smart vehicles. Moreover, various applications in the automotive industry such as mapping system, GPS, and other tools require some type of SD card.

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