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Sodium Dichromate Market – Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast – Lake Shore Gazette

Sodium Dichromate Market – Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast

Sodium dichromate is the most important chromium compound that is used industrially, Sodium dichromate is the beginning material for any chromium compounds in manufactured synthetically. The compound, either directly or indirectly acts as an intermediate step for these chromium compounds used industrially. The demand for chromium compounds had witnessed gradual erosion owing to the environmental threats of chromium. However the demand has recently improved owing to huge demand from the Asia Pacific countries. The compound’s indispensability in manufacturing of different chromium containing compounds augurs well for the sodium dichromate market.
Apart from its use as a chemical intermediate sodium dichromate also has a host of direct applications, where it is used to manufacture different chemicals. One of the most notable direct uses of sodium dichromate is in the metal finishing industry. The chemical helps the metal surface to resist corrosion. It aids the cleaning of metal surfaces and promotes paint adhesion to metals. It is used extensively in the automotive and aeronautics industries for this purpose. Another direct use of sodium dichromate is in the production of organic products such as vitamin K and wax. This is a relatively small application area for the chemical and it is used in the capacity of an oxidizing agent in the manufacturing process. Most of the volume demand for sodium dichromate is derived from industries where the compound is used as an intermediate to manufacture other chromium containing chemicals. One of the most notable applications of sodium dichromate is the production of chromium oxide which is extensively used to manufacture pigments.
Chromate pigments have the capacity to produce a range of light stable colors. Some grades of sodium dichromate are also used as corrosion inhibitors in undercoats and primers. It finds application in the textile dyeing and printing industry as well. It is generally used as a mordant for acidic dyes to improve color fastness on fabrics. Apart from these applications it is used to manufacture colored glasses and ceramic glazes. It is also an ingredient in the production on chrome sulphate.
The sodium dichromate market is essentially driven by its demand from the paints and coatings market. Sodium dichromate is the intermediate chemical to produce chromium oxide pigments and other chromium pigments. Growth in building and construction has resulted in increased demand for paints and coatings which in turn influences sodium dichromate demand. This application accounts for the lion’s share of the compound by demand and is the mainstay of the market.
However, there are certain restraints to this market, which has resulted in the slow growth rate of the market. Chromium is recognized as a potentially dangerous element which causes severe damage to humans and animals on exposure. It is classified as a human carcinogen and can affect the respiratory tract, kidney, immune system as well as the gastrointestinal system. The sodium dichromate market is at a mature stage with very low threat from new entrants. In order to be profitable in this market, economy of scale is necessary along with high environment compliance cost. The number of buyers for the product is also limited in this market.
The market is at maturity in North America and Europe and use of chromium containing materials have decreased substantially over the years. The highest demand for sodium dichromate is derived from Asia Pacific, with China accounting for the highest demand growth. The price and demand of the compound varies in different geographical locations. Asia Pacific region is the largest consumer of sodium dichromate in the world. The second largest consumer is Europe, mainly the eastern countries.
Some of the major players in the sodium dichromate market are Elementis Chromium LP, Vishnu Chemicals, Tianjin Bohai Chemical Industry Group and Gansu Jinshi Chemical Co., Ltd. among others.

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