Beet Root Extract Market Headed for Growth and Global Expansion by 2026

Consumption of beetroot extract and products containing beetroots extract have increased globally, owing to the popularization of the beetroot as the next superfood. The economic feasibility of the beetroot only adds to its popularization as it is easily available to both consumers and manufacturers at a feasible cost. The rise in demand for beetroot extract is also attributed to increased demand for natural food additives such as food colorants and increased demand for natural performance enhancing sports supplements. Once narrow beetroot extract market is now wide owing to the availability of the beetroot extract in multiple forms such as powder, liquid extracts and in capsule forms.

Consumption of fruits and vegetables of all kind has been associated with reduced risk of lifestyle-induced health conditions. One such vegetable that has been popularized as the next superfood is beetroot. Beetroot or table beets are the taproot portion of the beet plant and are rich in their nutrition content. Beetroots are a source of vitamins, antioxidants, nitrates etc. Consumption of beetroot has been associated with multiple health benefits such as increased cardiovascular health, antioxidant benefits. The rich nutrient profile of the beetroot has been the major factor for the increase in demand for beetroot extracts. Beetroot extracts come in multiple forms such as powder and liquid concentrates, juices and capsules as well. Beetroot extract finds its way in multiple products for a number of different properties. Beetroot extract is used in foodstuff as a natural coloring agent, as a flavor or to increase the nutritional content of the food.

Beetroot extracts are used in soups, curries, bakery products as a colorant. The vibrant and overpowering hue of the beetroot comes from the pigment betanin. Which is extracted from the beetroot and used as a colorant in food products and culinary preparations. The increased public awareness regarding the benefits of the beetroot extract is positively influencing the beetroot extract demand in the market. Due to the increased demand for beetroot extract, food manufacturers are coming up innovative product formulations that include beetroot extract, such as juices, sports supplements, food colors etc. The cost-effective nature of beetroot extract is also one of the major reason for the increased demand of beetroot extract in the market. The increased intolerance from the consumers toward artificial additives and colorants has led to manufacturers opting for naturally derived products such as beetroot extract.

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Beetroot extract has been proven to aid in regulating blood flow since long. This property of beetroot extract makes it the ideal component for sports supplements. Beetroot extract contains nitrates, which get converted to nitric oxide by the body, acting as a natural vasodilator. Being a natural ingredient and a potent source of nitrates, beetroot extract has found its way into health supplements and is also available in capsule forms. Studies have found out that athletes who consumed beetroot extracts performed better at activities than those who did not, these evidence-based benefits has led to increased beetroot extract sports supplements. 

Some of the market participants in the global beetroot extract market identified across the value chain include Nature’s Way Products, LLC., The Synergy Company, MOUNTAIN ROSE HERBS, Oregon’s Wild Harvest., Beetroot Pro, Arjuna Natural Extracts Ltd, The Green Labs LLC, The Drs. Wolfson, General Nutrition Centers, Inc., PURE SPORTS NUTRITION, Human Power of N, Co., BI Nutraceutical, Sabinsa etc.

There are widespread opportunities for market participants in the beetroot extract market owing to the increasing demand of beetroot extract as an active ingredient in sports nutrition. Due to the natural form of the product, beetroot extract is being preferred over the conventional artificial nitric oxide supplements by athletes. The growing demand for beetroot extract as a colorant in food products and as a health supplement is also steady, owing to growing health awareness and preference towards natural ingredients and supplements.  The opportunities for market players in the food industry are plenty since more companies are trying to come up with premium health-boosting products with beetroot extract as an ingredient.

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