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Rising Vegan Population Opening New Growth Avenues for the Pea Protein Market – Lake Shore Gazette

Rising Vegan Population Opening New Growth Avenues for the Pea Protein Market

In this age and time, when individuals are emphasizing on plant protein and protein based products, a plethora of new different types of plant-based are readily available in the market. Rising vegan population and increasing count of sports enthusiast are the other key consumers of proteins products, especially plant-based protein products. Among the different variety of plant-based protein, demand for pea protein is growing significantly. As pea protein is dairy and gluten free, and is highly beneficial for heart and kidneys, its popularity is growing rapidly among people having lactose intolerance and gym goers.

Rising number of travelers and more specifically vegan travelers added a wide range of shelf-stable and portable blends of roasted soybeans, peas, and chickpeas that adds protein to salads. Various companies such as Dr. Praeger’s introduced protein-rich nuggets, veggie burgers, and meatless sausage with the help of pea protein. Another example is of Farbest Brands, the company recently established strategic partnership with Naturz Organics that will help in delivering organic ingredients to the food and beverages manufacturers in Europe and North America.

With Lower Carbon Footprint, Pea Protein has All New and Huge Customer Base

According to various studies, production of 1 kg of pea protein releases 19X lesser carbon resulting in lesser carbon footprint than that produced from animal protein. In terms of water usage also, pea protein consumes lesser quantity of water than animal protein. Thus, with less water consumption and reduced carbon footprint, pea protein is gaining huge popularity among the government regulatory bodies. Various manufacturers who abide by the environment friendly norms are also investing in the production of pea protein.

Manufacturers in pea protein market are also introducing large variety of ready to eat products, as their demand is significantly high in the market. Recently, Safe fair Foods Co. introduced pea protein chips that are allergy free. The gluten-free chips are free from five of the top eight allergens and comprises of lentil flours and pea protein. With development of new products and growing number of partnership between buyers and manufacturers is also acting as a crucial growth aggregator to develop textured pea protein manufacturers. This will in turn boost growth in the pea protein market globally, in the next few years.

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