Global Beer Enhancer Market : Research Key Players, Industry Overview and forecasts 2019 – 2027

Beer enhancer is a mixture of two ingredients which is dextrose and spray dried malt extract. The quantity of beer enhancer is 55% malt extract, and 50% dextrose. Although the composition of beer enhancer might change depending upon the type of beer, this beer enhancer helps in the rapid fermentation of beer and also helps in the improvement of flavor as well as texture and mouthfeel.  The spray dried malt in the beer enhancer improves the head formation and head retention. Consumption of flavored beer across the globe has now become the principal reason for the increasing demand for beer enhancer. The beer market is growing more competitive, owing to the rising number of regional beer manufacturers. Therefore the market for beer enhancer is expected to have positive growth over the forecast period.

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Young beer lovers are looking forward to new flavors to enhance their beer taste and texture. The appeal for drinking beer has developed as a part of a lifestyle or can say an addiction – of today’s budding number of young population. For youngsters, restaurants, clubs, bars, pubs, fine dining restaurants have become a place to socialize and also the increasing consumer expenditure on eating out has increased. Owing to all these factors, the demand for beer and other alcoholic drinks is growing at a faster pace and expected to drive the growth of beer enhancer among alcohol manufacturers. The beer enhancer is also likely to increase for home usage. The market of freshly prepared beer is expected to multiply over the forecast period, therefore, boosting the demand for beer enhancer over the forecast period.

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The demand for beer enhancer in the global market is primarily from countries such as China, U.S., Brazil, Germany, U.K., Russia, Japan, and other Western European countries as the majority of beer production in the global market is from among these countries. Also, beer enhancer market, the demand for naturally sourced beer enhancer additives is expected to increase at robust growth rate owing to growing demand for natural ingredients based beers and other alcoholic drinks in the global market. Therefore, the manufacturers of beer are expected to enter the beer enhancer market. Moreover, to attract a younger population, beer manufacturers could focus on launching innovative alcoholic drink blends with the use of beer enhancer. Millennial are known for their curiosity to try varied flavors, owing to which an opportunity lies for the manufacturers to introduce new flavored beer made from beer enhancer, which is anticipated to increase the sales over the forecast period.

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