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Perfusion Bioreactors Market to Witness a Pronounce Growth During 2017 – 2025 – Lake Shore Gazette

Perfusion Bioreactors Market to Witness a Pronounce Growth During 2017 – 2025

Biopharmaceutical industry is striving to drive the product yield yet reducing the operational cost and perfusion bioreactors offer legacy of cost saving, increase productivity & efficiency of protein production. Unlike traditional fed-batch bioreactors, perfusion bioreactors culture cells for a long period of time and by continuously feeding fresh media to cell culture and remove the used media while keeping the cells in culture. Continuous replacement of culture media keeps the nutrients level high and maintain the optimum conditions for proper cell growth. Use of perfusion bioreactors also eliminates chances of protein degradation due to toxic effects produced by accumulation of cellular waste products in the culture media. Other advantages of perfusion bioreactors over traditional fed-batch reactors is that they are smaller in size and provide easy scalability in case of increased demand. Perfusion bioreactor technology is thus expected to be a dominant single-use bioreactor technology over the forecast period of 2017–2025. Some of the applications of perfusion bioreactors include manufacturing of hybridoma-based monoclonal antibodies, stem cell culturing, protein production, in vitro cell based drug screening, production of cell based assays, CHO-based biopharmaceutical manufacturing and many other. Perfusion bioreactors require cell retention or filtration devices during the continuous feed and removal of exhausted culture media. Perfusion bioreactors can be used at small scale as well as large scale bioproduction. For instance, Remicade – blockbuster antibody preparation by Janssen Biotech, Inc. employs perfusion bioreactor technology for production.

Primary factors driving the growth of global perfusion bioreactors market are size advantage, cost-effective, requirement of less capital investment, reduced operating cost, improvement in equipment reliability etc. Several other factors influencing the global market for perfusion bioreactors are increasing budget of biopharmaceutical companies in all areas related to bioprocessing, investment in adoption of new technologies, continuous discovery of numerous cost and performance advantages of perfusion technology, technological advances such as 3Dperfusion technology etc. As per 12th Annual Report and Survey of Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing Capacity and Production report, industry demands more innovations in bioreactor technology with single-use bioreactors requiring most needed innovation area. However, the global market for perfusion bioreactors is expected to be deter by apparent lack of innovation in bioprocessing equipment, reliability of cell retention devices when used on industrial plant scale, etc.

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The global market for perfusion bioreactors is segmented on basis of product type, end user and geography:

  • Segmentation by Product Type
    • Small Scale Perfusion Bioreactors (50 liters to 1,000 liters)
    • Large Scale Perfusion Bioreactors (>1,000 liters)
  • Segmentation by End User
    • Biopharmaceutical Companies
    • Biotechnology Companies
    • Contract Manufacturing Organizations (CMOs)

Based on product type, the global perfusion bioreactors market has been classified as small scale (50 liters to 1,000 liters capacity) perfusion bioreactors and Large Scale (>1,000 liters) perfusion bioreactors. Small scale perfusion bioreactors are more often used by biopharmaceutical companies. However, demand for large scale perfusion bioreactors is increasing with increasing efforts to expand the production capacity by the companies.

Based on end user, the global perfusion bioreactors market has been segmented into biopharmaceutical companies, biotechnology companies and contract manufacturing organizations. Biopharmaceutical companies are expected to contribute highest share in the global perfusion bioreactors market over the forecast period.

On the basis of regional presence, global perfusion bioreactors market is segmented into five key regions viz. North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and Middle East & Africa. North America is expected to lead the global market due to increasing number of R&D activities by the biopharmaceutical companies in the region, while Europe is expected to hold second largest market share in global market. For instance, as per 12th Annual Report and Survey of Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing Capacity and Production report, 51.2% biopharmaceutical companies in the U.S. reported their biopharmaceutical products in R&D phase while 41% of European companies reported their biopharmaceutical products in R&D phase, in 2015.

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Some of the players operating in global perfusion bioreactors market are Sigma Aldrich Co. LLC (Merck & Co. Inc.), FiberCell Systems Inc., Zellwerk GmbH, Cell Culture Company, ATMI Incorporated, PBS Biotech, Inc., GE Healthcare Life Sciences, Applikon Biotechnology, WAVE Life Sciences etc.

The report covers exhaustive analysis on:

  • Perfusion Bioreactors Market Segments
  • Perfusion Bioreactors Market Dynamics
  • Historical Actual Market Size, 2013 – 2015
  • Perfusion Bioreactors Market Size & Forecast 2016 to 2024
  • Perfusion Bioreactors Market Current Trends/Issues/Challenges
  • Competition & Companies involved
  • Perfusion Bioreactors Market Drivers and Restraints

Regional analysis includes

  • North America
  • Latin America
  • Europe
  • Asia Pacific
  • Middle East & Africa

Report Highlights:

  • Shifting Industry dynamics
  • In-depth market segmentation
  • Historical, current and projected industry size Recent industry trends
  • Key Competition landscape
  • Strategies of key players and product offerings
  • Potential and niche segments/regions exhibiting promising growth
  • A neutral perspective towards market performance

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