Self-Supporting Sponge Connectors Market Pegged for Robust Expansion During 2017 – 2025

Self-Supporting Sponge Connectors Market: Overview

The Self-Supporting Sponge Connectors are used to connect LCD panels to circuit boards. The supports in sponge connectors made up of silicon rubber helps to create larger base width and thus eliminates the need to install separate holders. These self-supporting sponge connectors provide high mechanical and electrical reliability. Moreover, these self-supporting sponge connectors are very easy to assemble, and they are becoming more popular because of cost effectiveness. The carbon-based self-supporting sponge connectors are becoming more popular because of their exceptional current carrying capacities.

Self-Supporting Sponge Connectors Market: Drivers and Restraints

The global Self-Supporting Sponge Connectors market is expected to witness a high growth because of increasing demand from e various electronic applications. The mass adoption of digital technology across the globe through connected devices and services and this has proven to accelerate the overall economic growth. The increase in the production of digital smart devices such as cell phones, laptops, tablets, etc. has created a huge demand for self-supporting sponge connectors.

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Some unique applications such as custom sockets for non-standard packages requiring burn in socket solutions also needs the use of self-supporting sponge connectors. The increasing demand for various applications such as consumer electronics, communication, and computers is expected to drive the self-supporting sponge connectors over the forecast period. The growing use of electronic display content in vehicles and growing automotive production is expected to create a significant demand for self-supporting sponge connectors over the forecast period. The need for PCB connectors is likely to increase during the forecast period due to the growing automation in various sectors such as industrial, transportation, and military. The emerging trends such as demand for compact and thinner connectors is expected to create a direct impact on the dynamics of self-supporting sponge connectors market. The increasing per capita income in developing regions, economic expansion, and urbanization is driving the demand for computer & peripheral products, consumer electronics products, smartphones and tablets which are expected to spur the growth of self-supporting sponge connectors market over the forecast period.

Self-Supporting Sponge Connectors Market: Segmentation

On the basis of Application,

  • LCD and EL displays
  • Flex circuit-to-board
  • Board-to-board
  • Burn-in sockets
  • Chip-to-board
  • Miniature and low profile
  • Memory cards interconnect – general electronics

On the basis of End-Use Industry,

  • Consumer Electronics
  • Computer and Peripherals
  • Industrial and Telecommunication
  • Others

Self-Supporting Sponge Connectors Market: Region Wise Outlook

The global Self-Supporting Sponge Connectors Market is segmented into the seven key regions: North America, Latin America, Western Europe, and Eastern Europe, Asia Pacific Excluding Japan (APEJ), Japan and the Middle East and Africa (MEA). The North America region is expected to have the largest market share in the global self-supporting sponge connectors market followed by APEJ and Western Europe region. The increasing demand for consumer electronic devices and smartphones and tablets in developing region such as APEJ and MEA is expected to create a demand for self-supporting sponge connectors. The growing economies and rising disposable income along with the increasing digitization in developing countries such as India and China are creating the demand for various communication and other electronic devices which are anticipated to drive the PAEJ self-supporting sponge connectors market with a higher CAGR during the forecast period.

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Self-Supporting Sponge Connectors Market: Key Players

  • Fujipoly America Corp.
  • N&H Technology GmbH

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