Adoption Scenario of Single Core Cables Market to Remain Positive Through 2017 – 2025

Single core cables refers to wires with single strands, it is mostly used in industrial application when it is run in trunking wiring or they are manufactured with stranded conductors rather than solid core they can be bent easily. It normally consists of stranded twisted conductors. The cables are annealed which enable them to resist high temperature. Single core cables are used for wiring in machines, control panels and various other electrical installations which are used in small, medium and large industries. As the wires are insulated with PVC compound it is impervious to oil, water, acids, grease etc. and are also tough to be protected from any mechanical abuses. They are mainly used for lightening and power circuits

Global Single core cables market: Market Dynamics

The global Single core cables market is mainly driven by telecommunication, automotive, power and construction sectors. Single core cables are light weighted in nature and are easy to work with and this is useful when the wiring has to be done over a long distance which makes the job less rigorous. It also reduces corona which is an electric discharge associated with high power transmissions. It also has a high conductivity rate and is soldered with ease. They are cost-effective compared to other core cables. In 2016 the cable industry introduced new British standards electric cables, the new standard defined the performance and design for single core cables which gave the designers, installers and specifies a great certainty that the cables are right for the purpose. The factor that restrains the single core cables market is the substitute which are two core cables, multi core cables, stranded wires which are usually preferred by people features a large number of small gauge wires wrapped in insulator.

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Global Single core cables market: market segmentation

On the basis of metal wire, the global Single core cables market is segmented into:

  • Aluminum
  • Copper

On the basis of usage, the global Single core cables market is segmented into:

  • Domestic
  • Industrial
  • Commercial

On the basis of insulated material, the global Single core cables market is segmented into:

  • PVC
  • XLPE

On the basis of end users, the global Single core cables market is segmented into:

  • Telecommunication
  • Power
  • Automotive
  • Construction

Global Single core cables market: Segment Overview

The automotive segment has higher rate of Single core cables usage as the Single core cables are being widely used in applications such as in-vehicle systems and connected cars. On the basis of usage the industrial sector widely uses the single core cables.

Global Single core cables market: Regional Overview

Based on the geographies, the global fumaric acid market is fragmented into seven key regions- Latin America, North America, Eastern Europe, Western Europe, Middle East & Africa Asia-Pacific except Japan, Japan. Among the regions mentioned above APAC region is expected to have the highest market share. North America and Latin America are expected to have a rise in demand for the single core cables. Single core cables are widely used in Middle East and Asia for critical emergency situations. In Japan where steel reinforcement concretes are used for construction, the buildings use embedded conduit for power, safety and lighting circuitry where single core cables are used. The factor like rising urban population would led to increase in the growth of single core cables for construction and automotive sectors. Overall the global single core cables market is expected to witness a high growth rate owing to the automotive and construction sector.

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Global Single core cables market: Market players

Some of the market players identified in the global Single core cables market includes:

  • Tekima S.r.l.
  • ConCab kabel gmbh
  • LEONI Kabel GmbH
  • Finolex cables
  • International Wire Group
  • Judd Wire, Inc.,
  • Leoni AG,
  • Furukawa Electric Industries Ltd.,
  • Sumitomo Electric Industries Ltd.,
  • General Cable Corporation

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