High Protein Yogurt Market Share to Witness Steady Rise in the Coming Decade

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Proteins are certain macromolecules or biomolecules, which consists of various amino acid residues. It performs various function in the body for each cell and organism. There are certain parts which are completely made of protein, such as nails and hair. The human body uses protein to repair the damages tissues. Proteins are considered to be the important building block of muscles, skin, blood, bones, and cartilage. Unlike carbohydrates and fats, protein does not get stored by the body, so a fresh supply of protein is required through food. There are various food products which helps in the supply of these protein, such as pulses, cereals, high protein yogurt, meat, eggs, and others.

Yogurt is a food product which is produced by the fermentation of bacteria. The bacteria which helps in the making of yogurt is called as yogurt cultures. The bacterial fermentation of lactose helps produce lactic acid, which in turn acts on the milk protein to give a proper texture to the yogurt and the tart flavor. In general, yogurt has 9% of protein in it, and the rest are all water, carbohydrate content, and fat. In order to provide more protein content in the yogurt, the manufacturers launched a new product named high protein yogurt.

The high protein yogurt consist of considerable high protein content when compared to the other macromolecules and micro molecules. This high protein yogurt formulation was launched to target certain consumers such as sports person, youngsters, body builders, and others. People suffering from protein deficiency are also encouraged to consume high protein yogurt.

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High Protein Yogurt and its Properties:

High protein yogurt usually has a protein content of 10 – 11%, but will low-fat content in it. These are live probiotic cultures with a creamy texture, which helps in providing a good intestinal health. There are various flavors present in high protein yogurt, such as natural sourness, sweetened yogurt, and fruit flavors. There are two types of yogurt present, such as Swiss-style yogurt, and set-style yogurt. The Swiss-style is stirred prior to packaging and has few flavors incorporated in it, while the set-style are put into separate containers and are allowed to set.

There is a plant-based high protein yogurt available in the market, which is a completely sourced from plants. They can be derived from various plant sources such as soy milk, coconut milk, almond milk, and rice milk. But the widely consumed plant-based high protein yogurt is soy milk. Plant-based high protein yogurt is suitable for people with lactose intolerance, vegans, and consumers preferring plant-based food. Due to the increase in the number of health conscious consumers in the world, the demand for the high protein yogurt will be high throughout the forecast period.

Global High Protein Yogurt Market: Segmentation

On the basis of source, the global high protein yogurt market has been segmented as:

  • Bacterial Strains
  • Plant-based
    • Soy milk
    • Almond milk
    • Coconut milk
    • Others

On the basis of flavor, the global high protein yogurt market has been segmented as:

  • Regular
  • Fruit flavoured
    • Apple
    • Banana
    • Blueberry
    • Strawberry
    • Mango
    • Blackcurrant

On the basis of end use, the global high protein yogurt market has been segmented as:

  • Bakery
  • Ice cream
  • Beverages

On the basis of distribution channel, the global high protein yogurt market has been segmented as:

  • Specialty Stores
  • Retail
  • Convenience Stores
  • Online
  • Hypermarket/Supermarket Stores

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Global High Protein Yogurt Market: Market Participants

Some of the market participants operating in the global high protein yogurt market identified across the value chain include General Mills, Inc., Chobani LLC, FAGE International S.A., Stonyfield Farm, Inc., GROUPE DANONE, La Yogurt, Traders Port Creamery, Yoplait light, Maple Hill Creamery, Epi Ingredients, among the other high protein yogurt manufacturers.

Key Developments in the High Protein Yogurt Market

In the year 2018, Epi Ingredients launched a new concept of high protein yogurt, which is produced using ultra-filtered dairy powders. The company launched the product under the brand name SoUnik.

Opportunities for Participants in the High Protein Yogurt Market

There are certain new innovations in the industry that will create various opportunities for the manufacturers of high protein yogurt. The increasing number of sportsmen and health conscious consumers in the world, will eventually create a high demand for high protein yogurt.

The report is a compilation of first-hand information, qualitative and quantitative assessment by industry analysts, and inputs from industry experts and industry participants across the value chain. The report provides in-depth analysis of parent market trends, macro-economic indicators, and governing factors, along with market attractiveness as per segment. The report also maps the qualitative impact of various market factors on market segments and geographies.

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