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Portable Scanner Market to Receive overwhelming hike in Revenues by 2017 – 2025- Persistence Market Research – Lake Shore Gazette

Portable Scanner Market to Receive overwhelming hike in Revenues by 2017 – 2025- Persistence Market Research

The portable scanner has become very popular over the last five years, advanced and new technologies are making portable scanner lighter, smaller and less expensive than ever before. New technological advancements such as 3D digitization that can offer high resolution and rapid scanning techniques are anticipated to drive the portable scanner market growth over the future. In addition, the widespread adaptation of portable electronics devices represents the strongest dynamics in the portable scanner market today.

Portable scanners are small and portable electronic devices that are widely used for digitizing printed documents. Moreover, with advancements in feturure, Portable scanner are used in a wide range of industrial applications. Geographically, the North America and APEJ are expected to lead the market for portable scanner during the forecast period.

Portable Scanner market: Drivers and Challenges

The major growth drivers of the Portable Scanner market include technological advancements, reducing price of laser technologies and growth of emerging economies. In addition, industry expansion are some of the major drivers stimulating growth of Portable scanner market.

Major challenges of Portable Scanner market is high price of latest technologies, worldwide financial uncertainty and macroeconomic situations such as currency exchange rates and economic difficulties are some of the major factors which are hindering the growth of Portable Scanner Market.

Portable Scanner market: Segmentation

Global Portable Scanner Market can be segmented as:

Segmentation on the basis of Components: 

Portable Scanner market is segmented on the basis of type. Portable Scanner is used in these areas.

  • Stationary Scanner
  • Non-Rugged Barcode Scanner
  • Automatic Scanner
  • Other

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Segmentation on the basis of Technology:

Further Portable Scanner market is classified on the basis of technology. Portable Scanner vendors use these technologies to manufacture Portable Scanner.

  • 2D imager
  • Linear Imager
  • Laser Scanners

Segmentation by End User:

Portable Scanner market can be segmented on the basis of industrial use.

  • Retail-in-Store
  • Transportation/Logistics
  • Industrial Manufacturing
  • Others

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Competition Landscape

Key contracts

Key Contracts in Portable Scanner market are as:

  • In July 2016, Hewlett-Packard, an American Information Technology company, has completed its acquisition of David Vision Systems and David 3D Solutions, German scanner manufacturer.

Key Players

Some of the major players in Global Portable Scanner Market include Honeywell International Inc., Hewlett-Packard, Datalogics S.P.A, Denso and Bluebird, Metrologic Instruments, Opticon, Fujitsu Limited, Doxie Q, Epson America Inc., SATO Holdings Corporation, Toshiba TEC Corporation and TouchStar Technologies

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