Single Use Cystoscope Market Demand Driver Assessment by 2018 – 2026

Single Use Cystoscope Market

Enhanced flexibility with built in user interface technology, ease of usage, higher patient safety and advanced technology

Single use cystoscope is a slim tube-shaped medical instrument for inspecting the interior of the urethra and urinary bladder. The single use cystoscope market is highly regulated and requires regulatory approval by various manufacturers before landing on the market. Cystoscopy procedures are one of the most commonly performed in the urology office settings. The most common and standard procedure utilizes digital cystoscopy, standard cystoscopy utilizes both flexible (mainly in the U.S. and Western Europe) and rigid (worldwide). New manufactured single use cystoscopes configures higher maneuverability and visibility coupled with greater accessibility while performing urological procedures. The single-use disposable, semi-flexible, easy-to-use and patient-friendly systems signifies a major advance in diagnostic cystoscopy. The prospective risk of cross contamination, disinfection, and re- processing cost commonly associated with reusable endoscopes can be minimized with utilization of new and advanced cystoscope digital video systems.

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New technology assessment with utilization of flexible digital video cystoscope, an affordable option for physicians and patients

For majority of the manufacturing companies, sterilization remains the foremost factor for single use cystoscope systems. Utilization of new technology assessment such as higher resolution images, incorporation of video module systems, micro LED lights, and integrated software coupled with touch panel user interface and others are gaining traction in the international market. Newly manufactured and FDA cleared devices potentially and significantly reduces the risk of infection and cross-contamination, although providing greater video optics, incomparable compactness with higher permissibility and allows for cystoscopy to be implemented anywhere and anytime. New manufacturing is also coming on line, for e.g. single use, NeoFlex – Cystoscope, Uro-V System, Isiris α and others. Additionally, new manufacturing units in India, China, and Middle East have also come online which is in turn driving the revenue growth of single use cystoscope market. Also, the EndoSheath protective barrier addresses the issues (safety concerns, inadequate cleaning of flexible endoscopes, contamination factors and adherence to reprocessing guidelines for sterilization) head-on by providing a sterile, single-use solution that is FDA-cleared and included in the 2015 ANSI/AAMI National Standards on Endoscope Reprocessing in health care facilities. The market for single use cystoscope is spurred by increasing number of cystoscopy procedures coupled with manufacturers focusing on production expansion, sales and promotional activities in the developing and developed nations. Rising infection prevention and control programs and awareness programs, increasing urological disorders, availability of new products in regions such as Asia Pacific and Latin America is going to further spur revenue growth during the forecast period. Also, rapidly rising geriatric population in developing and developed economies and elevating prevalence and incidence of single use flexible cystoscopes with rise in data integrated digitization are gardening the growth of single use cystoscope products globally.

During past years absence of cystoscopy procedure shortages have been faced by healthcare professionals and patients worldwide partly due to inconsistence product release and risk of disinfection and contamination. Many cystoscopes currently manufactured in the developing economies are bulky and require a dedicated procedure room and long setup time, they have downtime because they need to be sterilized and reprocessed between patients, and, they are expensive to own, maintain and repair. There are significant patient compliance issues due to complexity and discomfort with today’s cystoscopy procedures.

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Rapid FDA approvals in single use cystoscope market along with shortening approval times for new system development to help accelerate the diagnosis profiles. This is expected to increase the revenue for single use cystoscope over the forecast period.  Furthermore, growing interest in endoscopy related therapies and procedures, especially in clinical applications has led to growing demand for single use cystoscope currently. Manufacturers are more focused in finding noteworthy advantages clinically and economically, also more focused on patient safety, lessen the penetration time, less cost coupled with higher safety margin, and quicker turnover of equipment, procedure rooms and overall cystoscopy procedure. However, the factors such as product recalls, fierce competition among the key players, strict regulations, lesser product approval, risk of contamination, lack of guidelines via sterilization of endoscopy products and higher cost and less penetration in the developing economies are the major obstacles in the market growth of single use cystoscope products.

single use cystoscope market

The global market for Single use cystoscope is segmented on basis of product type, end user and geography:

  • Segmentation by Product Type
    • Rigid Cystoscopes
    • Flexible Cystoscopes
  • Segmentation by End Users
    • Hospitals
    • Clinics
    • Ambulatory Surgical Centers
    • Others

On the basis of regional presence, global single use cystoscope market is segmented into five key regions viz. North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and Middle East & Africa. North America will continue to dominate the global single use cystoscope market. Large number of manufacturers in the U.S. are focusing on increasing their sales by opening new manufacturing facilities for developing advanced single use cystoscope. This is expected to boost the revenues for the global single use cystoscope in North America over the forecast period.

Some of the major players operating in global Single use cystoscope market NeoScope Inc., UroViu Corporation, Coloplast Group, Stryker Corporation, Cogentix Medical, LABORIE,  and others. Companies are involved in collaboration agreements for R&D in order to exploit maximum potential.

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