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Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Market Horizontal Opportunity Evaluation by 2016 – 2026 – Lake Shore Gazette

Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Market Horizontal Opportunity Evaluation by 2016 – 2026

Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Market: Introduction

Hyperspectral remote sensing, also known as imaging spectroscopy, is a relatively new technology that is currently being investigated by researchers and scientists with regard to the detection and identification of minerals, terrestrial vegetation, and man-made materials and backgrounds. Hyperspectral remote sensing is an advanced tool that provides high spatial or spectral resolution data from a distance, with the aim of providing near-laboratory-quality radiance (and subsequent related information) for each picture element (pixel) from a distance. This information enables the identification of targets based on the spectral behavior of the material in question (mainly absorption features of chromospheres).

Although innovative approaches have been developed over the past few years, the power of hyperspectral remote sensing technology remains unknown to many potential end-users, such as decision makers, farmers, environmental watchers in both the private and governmental sectors, city planners, stock holders and others. This is mainly because the use of hyperspectral remote sensing sensors still relies on the relatively high cost of its final products and on the need for professional manpower to operate the instrument and process the data.

Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Market: Drivers and Challenges

Hyperspectral remote sensing is a new and upcoming technology, hence not many industry verticals understand the true potential of this particular technology. In addition to this, the cost of the total setup right from technology to the final product is relatively high, hence companies are reluctant to invest in hyperspectral remote sensing technology. At the same time, many defense organizations are heavily investing in hyperspectral remote sensing technology due to its several benefits in their day-to-day activities.

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Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Market: Segmentation

Segmentation on the basis of type:

  • VNIR
  • SWIR
  • Thermal LWIR

Segmentation on the basis of applications:

  • Commercial Enterprises
  • Defense Organizations
  • Research Institutions 

Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Market: Key Market Players

Few of the companies in hyperspectral remote sensing market are: SPECIM, Resonon, Headwall, Corning Incorporated, ITRES, Norsk Elektro Optikk, Surface Optics Corp, Telops, Brimrose Corporation, BaySpec, XIMEA, RIKOLA, CI Systems and Cubert GmbH. These companies are continually investing in research and development of hyperspectral remote sensing technology.

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Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Market: Regional Overview

Hyperspectral remote sensing market is currently dominated by North America region owing to wide adoption of advanced technologies in US and Canada. Europe hyperspectral remote sensing market follows next as various end user industry verticals such as defense and government agencies are fast adopting hyperspectral remote sensing technology. In addition to this, many research institutes across America and Europe are investing in carrying out a detailed analysis on hyperspectral remote sensing technology.

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