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Wimax Solution Market Significant Profits Estimated to be Generated by 2017 – 2025 – Lake Shore Gazette

Wimax Solution Market Significant Profits Estimated to be Generated by 2017 – 2025

WiMAX Solution Market: Introduction

WiMAX solution market is emphasized to undergo significant growth owing to its varied application in consumer electronics goods. WiMAX solution offers significant range and bandwidth than wireless-fidelity (Wi-Fi) family network such as Wireless LAN. Moreover, WiMAX can deliver broadband speed up to 75mbps and wide range access up to 30-35 miles. WiMAX solution can be integrated into mobile or fixed network, making it as a good accompaniment to wireless fidelity for continuous indoor or outdoor coverage. Additionally, for implementing high interactive services WiMAX can be paired up with DVB-T (digital video broadcasting terrestrial), which will fuel the WiMAX solution market.

WiMAX solutions offer assorted range of applications such as delivery of data, streaming video, VoIP to consumer and cost effectiveness as compare to 2G and 3G technologies. WiMAX solution endeavors predominant network consistency in addition to immense network security, owing to its data encryption method.

WiMAX Solution Market: Drivers and Challenges

WiMAX Solution has opted several advanced technologies such as orthogonal frequency division multiplexing access (OFDMA) and multiple-input-multiple-output (MIMO) which are the major factors driving WiMAX solution market. WIMAX solution which is implemented by using OFDMA technology provides superior coverage and capacity with fewer cell sites and it is cost efficient.

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Additionally, Wi-MAX solutions can be categorized as stationary WiMAX, WiMAX on the move and rural WiMAX. By implementing WiMAX on the move user can connect to the network through portable devices such as laptops and portable Mp3 players. While, Rural WiMAX are fascinated by offering tax subsidies and incentives which help to assist for fetching broadband in rural areas.

However, high operational and installation cost, and  signal interruption by cause of poor environmental condition are the major challenges faced while adopting WiMAX solutions  will tends to hamper the WiMAX solutions market .

WiMAX Solution Market: Segmentation

Segmentation on the basis of product:

  • Stationary WiMAX
  • WiMAX on the move
  • Rural WiMAX

Segmentation on the basis of application:

  • Residential
  • Personal
  • Enterprise

WiMAX Solution Market: Key Players

Some of the key players of WiMAX solution market are: Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd, Intel, Packet One Network, Fujitsu Ltd, ZTE Corporation, Samsung, Alcatel-Lucent, Motorola, AirSpan Networks, Beceem Communications, Xilinx Inc. and Alvarion Technologies Ltd.

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WiMAX Solution Market: Regional Overview

Presently, North America is holding the largest market share of Wimax solution market owing to large technology slick consumer base, will grow the WiMAX solution market in positive manner.

In Asia Pacific region, WiMAX solutions market is growing faster considering high internet penetration in countries such as India, Indonesia and China.

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