Patient Positioning Sponges Market to Exhibit Increased Demand in the Coming Years

A standout amongst the most basic parts of any surgical method, the proper positioning of the patient can significantly affect surgery results. Indeed, even minor moves in situating can have conceivably adverse impacts, including breathing challenges, heart issues, spikes or dunks in blood pressure, muscle strain, nerve harm, and excess bleeding. To help make the most favorable conditions for the specialist, medical assistants regularly utilize patient positioning sponges helps to give easier access to the area being operated on. From general surgical devices to greatly specialized medical positioners, players in the market offers every one of the devices requirement for a proficient, ergonomic operating room. The patient positioning sponges are mainly of two types, coated and uncoated. The proper patient positioning is necessary in order to obtain accurate diagnostic images for the needful patient. The patient positioning sponges have diverse available shapes depending on the purpose of use. Some of them are Antimicrobial Positioning Blocks, Traction Strap- used as an auto-traction device for radiography associated with lower cervical spine, Paediatric Immobiliser, head pads, knee crutch, toe  inverter. Patient positioning sponges are also used to position patient properly during x ray or other imaging diagnosis of patient, making sure that patient is positioned properly.

The global Patient Positioning Sponges market is driven by global increasing rate of accidents, increasing demand for various diagnostic imaging instruments, causing demand for Patient Positioning Sponges market. Globally rising prevalence of geriatric population and osteoporosis is fueling global Patient Positioning Sponges market.

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However, the high cost of Patient Positioning Sponges, and unawareness about advanced technologies in Patient Positioning Sponges can impact negatively on the revenue growth of the Patient Positioning Sponges Market and restrain the growth of the global market over the forecast period. Side effects associated with Patient Positioning Sponges are also hindering the growth of global Patient Positioning Sponges market. Lack of awareness for advanced technologies in Digital Imaging technology is another restraining factor in global Patient Positioning Sponges market.

Patient Positioning Sponges market has been segmented on the basis of product type, Application distribution channel, and region

Based on Product type, the Patient Positioning Sponges market is segmented into the following:

  • Coated
  • Uncoated
  • Others

Based on Application, the Patient Positioning Sponges Market is segmented into the following:

  • Patient positioning during Image Diagnosis (X-Ray etc.)
  • Patient positioning during Surgery

Based on distribution channel, the Patient Positioning Sponges Market is segmented into the following:

  • Hospitals
  • Diagnostic Labs
  • Ambulatory Service Centers
  • Others

Players in Patient Positioning Sponges Market are adopting use of new Patient Positioning Sponges innovation as the key strategy. Owing to high revenue and demand in the Patient Positioning Sponges market, players are investing to build up their product diversity. By distribution channel, hospitals are anticipated to grow in positive traction owing to global rising awareness for Patient Positioning preventive majors. By product type coated patient positioning sponges are expected to garner larger share in global patient positioning sponges market due to advanced antimicrobial protection to the product.

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Geographically, Patient Positioning Sponges market is segmented into regions viz. North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia Pacific and Japan, Middle East and Africa. North America and Europe regions are anticipated to hold larger market revenue share in Patient Positioning Sponges market over the forecast period. Awareness of Patient Positioning Sponges is anticipated to fuel the revenue growth in the Asia Pacific region. The countries like India and China are attractive markets for key players for global Patient Positioning Sponges market.

The key players in Patient Positioning Sponges Market include Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc., Cone Instruments, Ultraray, AliMed, Universal Medical, Imaging Solutions Pty Ltd  to name a few.

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