Soy Flakes Market to Witness Robust Expansion throughout the Forecast 2017 – 2025

Soy flakes are a type of soy product being prepared with the help of rolling the cracked soybeans after being heated or exposed to high temperature with an aim to soften them. The major use of soy flakes is in manufacturing soy protein, and soy oil, which in-turn is used to produce soy wax. The soy flakes are also cooked with rice, barley or other grains, and utilized in uncooked salads and soy burger preparation. Different regions utilize soy flakes in producing different products.

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Soy Flakes Global Market Trends and Market Drivers:

The soy flakes are readily used for the production of soy protein, which involves the usage of de-fatted soy flakes which have been washed with water or alcohol. Being a raw material for soy protein production, soy flakes imparts its high protein and nutrient content to the soy protein products. Due to the usage of soy flakes in the production of significant soy products including soy oil, soy protein, soy wax, and others, the soy flakes market attains a considerable positive growth rate, and these factors drive the global soy flakes market. The soy flakes are quite beneficial for the human body as they have high protein content, low-fat content, it regulates the amino acid content in the human body which is used for growth of muscles and tissues, they are non-allergic to maximum population, and are the basic entity representing soy protein. The soy flakes possess 50% high protein as compared to other grains and have multiple applications in the production of baked goods, soya nugget, soya sauce, soya granules, and others.

Soy Flakes Market Segmentation

Soy flakes market can be segmented on the basis of nature, end use, and distribution channel. On the basis of nature soy flakes market can be segmented as organic soy flakes and conventional soy flakes. The organic soy flakes are chosen by the consumers who are health conscious and want to consume purely natural soy flakes. On the basis of end use soy flakes market can be segmented as Horeca, household, and commercial usage. On the basis of the distribution channel, the soy flakes market is segmented into direct and indirect sales. The indirect sales segment can be further segmented into store-based retailing and online retailing. Store-based retailing can be further classified into modern grocery retailers and traditional grocery retailers. Modern grocery retailers can be further sub-segmented into a convenience store, mom and pop stores, discount stores, and hypermarkets or supermarkets. The traditional grocery retailers can be further sub-segmented into food & drink specialty stores, independent small groceries, and others.

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Market Regional Outlook:

The regional segment for the market of infant cereals is divided into seven different regions: Western Europe, North America, Eastern Europe, Latin America, APEJ, Middle East & Africa and Japan. The consumption of soy flakes is directly dependent on the usage of soy flakes for production of other soy-based products. The raw material for soy flakes is soybean, which is actually native to Asia, and but North America turns out to be maximum soybean producing region. This production of soybean also influences the production of soy flakes in the region.

Soy Flakes Market Key Players:

The key player in the infant cereals market only includes CHS Inc., Harvest Innovations LLC, Tianwei Biotechnology Co., Ltd., Vippy Industries Ltd., Sonic Biochem, Sakthi Soyas Limited, GuShen Group CO.,LTD, and others. The manufacturers aim to prove the optimum quality of their products to their customers, by the achieving various certificates.

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