Tire Testing Machine Market Revenue, Growth, Forecast and Value Chain 2018-2028

Tire testing machine is used for determination of stiffness, durability, and endurance of the tire. There is a rise in the demand for the tire testing machine across the globe due to the wide-ranging applications offered by the tire testing machine. The functions associated with tire testing machines, such as spring rate and non-linearity are used for determination of structural static and dynamic stiffness characteristics of the tire. The tire testing machine measures the stiffness at different speeds to detect loaded radius behavior and actual rolling radius. Along with that, the tire testing machine can measure steering torque at different pressures and loads.

By using the dynamic abilities of a tire testing machine, it facilitates to measure tire wear characteristics in real life conditions. Also, the tire testing machine is used in duplicate realistic vehicle tricks including brake and drive in a controlled situation to capture high-resolution tire wear statistics. Owing to some of these parameters there is an increase in the adoption of the tire testing machine across the globe and the factors are significantly fuelling the growth of the tire testing machine market.

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Wheel Balancing Test to Fuel Market Growth

The tire testing machine measures the operating limits of a tire which is needed in day to day life applications where tire strength or durability of the tire is as significant as the entire performance of the vehicle. Tire testing machine can safely test the tires up to the point of failure. Thus these properties of the tire testing machine are efficiently boosting the growth of the tire testing machine market.

Moreover, the demand for the tire testing machine is increasing due to the need of tire balancing test in service centers and tire manufacturing industries for balancing the mass of a tire and wheel assembly so that it travels consistently at high speeds.

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The manufacturers are focusing on improving their product lines and introducing frequent upgrades in the tire testing machine for quick analyzing the parameters which are necessary for the safety of the tires.

  • In 2018, A&D Company Ltd., one of the prominent Japan based manufacturer of the tire testing machine, introduced Flat belt tire testing machine with load carrying capacity up to 12kN, tire speed up to 1750rpm, also compact size with six degrees of freedom.

Tire Testing Machine Market: Segmentation

The global tire testing machine market has been segmented on the basis of the product type, application type, end use, and region.

Segmentation on the basis of product type:

  • Flat Belt Tire Test Machine
  • Rolling Resistance Test Rig
  • Dynamic Patch Test Rig
  • Tire balancing machine

Segmentation on the basis of application type:

  • Dynamic stiffness
  • Wear resistance
  • Durability and Endurance
  • Wheel balancing

Segmentation on the basis of end use industry:

Tire Testing Machine Market: Competitive Landscape

Some of the prominent key players of Global tire testing machine market are A&D Company Ltd., Altracon Group, Calspan, MTS Systems Corporation, Talurit, Smithers Rapra, Leonardo S.r.l., Tianjin Jiurong Wheel Tech Co.,Ltd., VMI Holland B.V, Lumenera Corporation.

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