Ceramic Flap Discs Market Share to Witness Steady Rise in the Coming Decade

Global Ceramic Flap Discs Market: Introduction

Ceramic flap discs are the type of flap discs, defined as three-dimensional grinding discs consisting of abrasives as overlapping layers, attached to a central hub. In addition, ceramic flat discs are versatile finishing and grinding tools having four main components: abrasive flaps, backing plate shape (flat or conical), flap density (how the flaps are stacked), and backing plate material (plastic or fiberglass).

These ceramic flap discs continually wear away with use to expose fresh mineral for a consistent and fast cut. Ceramic flap discs allow one-step grinding and blending, making them a cost and time-saving solution in many typical applications and end-use industries. Further, ceramic flap discs last up to four times longer than conventional flap discs. Very high degree of material removal and more uniform & finer surface quality are some of the key features observed through ceramic flap discs. Further, ceramic flap discs are used to grind edges and surfaces, smoothing and grinding, deburring, and for weld seam processing. Additionally, ceramic flap discs are costlier as compared to prevailing product substitutes, however, ceramic flap discs last the longest out of other flap discs. Subsequently, the aim of the study is to analyze the most recent trends, dynamics, and potential strategies in the global ceramic flap discs market.

Global Ceramic Flap Discs Market: Dynamics      

Over the last decade, ceramic flap discs have been the substantially growing market in metal fabrication and MRO activities. From a product perspective, ceramic flap discs offer low-cost grinding, blending, and finishing along with fast stock removal. Moreover, the replacement of machining by grinding in many automotive applications forges ahead the global growth outlook of the ceramic flap discs market. Advances in abrasive grinding processes and materials have led to the use of ceramic flap discs in a range of manufacturing applications.

In recent times, the global ceramic flap discs market has been exposed to several macro factors such as turbulent oil prices, global economic instability, and geopolitical factors. However, the ceramic flap discs market continues to exhibit stable growth. Furthermore, the aerospace and defense (A&D) industry is positioned for strong global growth as passenger travel demand has strengthened and global military expenditure continues to rise. Subsequently, surging the demand for expansion of the aircraft fleet and the demand for ceramic flap discs in the manufacturing activity.

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Global Ceramic Flap Discs Market: Segments

The global ceramic flap discs market can be segmented on the basis of application, end-use industry, and region.

On the basis of application, the global ceramic flap discs market can be segmented as:

  • Ferrous Metals
  • Non-Ferrous Metals
  • Stainless Steel
  • Alloys

On the basis of end-use industry, the global ceramic flap discs market can be segmented as:

  • Automotive
  • Marine
  • Metalworking
  • Aerospace
  • Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul

Global Ceramic Flap Discs Market: Regional Outlook

Geopolitical tensions are continuing to exaggerate the demand for military vehicles, elevating defense spending across the globe. North America, being at the forefront, is expected to consume a hefty volume of ceramic flap discs due to the expanding aerospace industry. Total automotive OEM investments have been increasing, attributing to the surge in demand for ceramic flap discs across China, India, and ASEAN. Moreover, trade tensions in China are likely to impact the performance of the end-users of ceramic flap discs. The European economy continued to expand in the first quarter of 2018, although at a slower than the expected growth rate, specifically in industrialized or advanced Europe. Against the maturing business cycle, the demand for ceramic flap discs in manufacturing is expected to plummet in the coming years. Moreover, the growth in the Latin America ceramic flap discs market remains lackluster in the coming years amid conflicting dynamics.

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Global Ceramic Flap Discs Market: Key Participants

Some of the prominent market participants in the global ceramic flap discs market discerned across the value chain are:

  • 3M
  • Würth Canada Limited
  • Cibo
  • Camel Grinding Wheels Works Sarid LTD
  • TYROLIT Group
  • Rigo Abrasives Co., Ltd.
  • Henan Sanders Abrasives CO., Ltd.
  • Dronco GmbH
  • BLUESHARK Abrasives Co., Ltd.
  • Weiler

The research report – ceramic flap discs presents a comprehensive assessment of the market and contains thoughtful insights, facts, historical data, and statistically supported and industry-validated market data. The study on ceramic flap discs market also contains projections using a suitable set of assumptions and methodologies. The research report provides analysis and information according to ceramic flap discs market segments such as geographies, application, and industry.

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