Growing Demand for Electrical Coil Windings to Significantly Increase Revenues Through 2025

Electrical Coil Windings Market: Introduction

Electrical coils or electromagnetic coils are conductive metallic wires wound around a bobbin in order to create and electromagnetic flux force around the electrical coil winding. The coils that are wound are coated with an insulating material to prevent current leakage resulting in short circuiting the coil winding. Electrical wire wound around in a single direction makes up the simplest form of electrical coil windings while two or more coil windings around a common core are also sold in the market for specific operations and are known as inductively coupled electrical coil windings. Various metals are used to produce an electrical coil winding but copper is the most dominant metal type used for its construction due to high electrical conductivity, resistance to corrosion, tensile strength, ductility, low thermal expansion and durability. The core or the heart of an electric coil windings can be a simple plastic insulating material or a magnetic material depending upon the intensity of magnetic field required. These electrical coil windings are known as iron core coil windings while electrical coil windings without the magnetic core are called the air core coil windings. The simplicity of a design of an electric coil winding over the advantages offered by its dynamic functions as well as the increase in the manufacture of electrical and electronic devices is anticipated to aid the electrical coil windings market from the global perspective.

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Electrical Coil Windings Market Dynamics

Electrical coil windings market is anticipated to grow with an upward trend as a result of increase in the demand of electrical components such as power grid transformers, white goods, electrical appliances, transducers, electrical motors across the world driving the market. The utilization of raw materials with improved electrical characteristics and low resistivity for the construction of electrical coil windings is another factor driving the growth. Electrical coils windings present inside an electrical conductor is being increasingly used with electrical resistors and capacitors to create filters in electrical circuit boards to improve signal processing in electronic and electrical devices pushing the demand for electrical coil windings in the market further. A low impact restraint that can become a roadblock to the growth of electrical coil windings market is the erratic availability of raw material especially copper that is used extensively for the construction of windings.

Electrical Coil Windings Market: Segmentation

Electrical Coil Windings Market can be segmented as follows;

By Material type, the Electrical Coil Windings market can be segmented as:

  • Copper
  • Aluminium
  • Copper Clad Aluminum (CCA)

By Winding process type, the market can be segmented as:

  • Toroidal core winding technology
  • Flyer winding technology
  • Linear winding technology
  • Needle winding technology

By Coil Winding type, the market can be segmented as:

  • Wild Winding
  • Orthocyclic Winding
  • Helical Winding

By Applications, the market can be segmented as:

  • Inductors
  • Sensor Coils
  • Transformers
  • Electromagnets

Electrical Coil Windings Market: Regional Outlook

The market growth of electrical coil windings rests on the growth of the electrical and electronic devices it’s used in across different markets around the globe. Increase in industrialization coupled with growing population in developing economies calls for abundant and uninterrupted supply of electrical power in regions such as Asia Pacific, North America and Europe thereby expanding the power grid network and in turn generating demand for the electrical coil windings and improving the market. High purchasing prowess of the consumers of Europe and North America region has culminated into an increased consumption of electronic appliances and white goods boding well for the growth of electrical coil windings market in such regions.

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Electrical Coil Windings Market: Market Participants

Examples of some of the market participants identified in the Global Electrical Coil Windings market include:

  • North Devon Electronics Limited
  • Custom Coils, Inc.
  • APW Company
  • Stimple & Ward Company
  • Sag Harbor Industries, Inc.
  • Future Manufacturing, Inc.
  • Quartzelec Ltd
  • Endicott Coil Company, Inc.
  • National Electric Coil
  • Swiger Coil Systems
  • Stonite Coil Corporation
  • Peter Paul Electric Co., Inc.
  • Precision Econowind LLC

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