Touch Screen Module Market research Poised to Expand at a Robust Pace Over 2018 – 2028

Growth in the number of touch screen based mobile devices and the applications of touch screens in retail, gaming and digital signage are significantly contributing to the growth of global touch screen module market. The touch screen module has transformed the way we interact with electronic devices. The major reason for this transformation is the enhanced UI experience when compared with switches and dials that often malfunction or breakdown.

Electronic devices with touch screen modules generally have two silicon components to fulfill touch function and display function i.e. touch screen controller (TSC) and display driver IC (DDI). Mostly, TSCs and DDIs are manufactured by two different manufacturing companies. TSC are mounted on a small PCB and connected to flex cable. DDI is installed behind front glass plates of the display module i.e. chip-on-glass. Manufacturers like LG Electronics, Synaptics and Focaltech are highly focused on research and developments and have made a new solution where touch and display have been integrated on a single chip. The major advantage of having touch and display integration chips are thinner panel, reduced cost with improved performance. These continuous improvements are resulting in better touch screen modules in terms of size, performance, durability and cost and are significantly contributing to the growth of global touch screen module market.

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High-end features, such as easy user interface, compact size and fast action time, offered by touch screen modules generate substantial demand and subsequently, drive the global touch screen module market. Touch screen modules are no longer limited to mobile phones or tablets, and have extended to cars, microwaves, TVs, fridges, cameras, ATMs, kiosks and others.  They are widely used in various industries, such as consumer electronics, automotive, aviation, retail, healthcare, gaming and others.

Touch Screen Module Market: Drivers and challenges

Growth in the number of smartphones and the rising demand for multi touch screens are the major drivers for the global touch screen module market. The high rate of adoption of touch screens in consumer electronics and various other sectors will have a major impact on the global market.  Other factors such as rising significance of human – machine interface, ATMs and Kiosks are also pegged to propel the demand for touch screen modules.

On the other hand, touch screen modules require maintenance and have to be protected against impact and damage since they can break easily. This is one of the major challenges restricting the growth of the global touch screen module market. However, vendors are continuously focused on manufacturing touch screen modules with high resistance towards jerks and shocks.

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Touch Screen Module Market: Segmentation

Based on the Type of Technology:

The touch screen module market can be segmented on the basis of technology as: in-cell and on-cell, projected capacitive, image recognition, and others.

Based on the Industry:

The touch screen module market can be segmented on the basis of industry as electronics, automotive, healthcare, retail, aerospace & military, and others. The electronics segment is expected to hold a major market share due to the high adoption of touch screen modules in smart phones and tablets.

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Key Developments

In January 2018, Alps Electric Co. Ltd. launched its latest gesture and touch input device for automotive. Its touch module was a capacitive input device with a variety of other input, communication and sensing for vehicles.

Key Players

Key players in the touch screen module market are Alps Electric Co Ltd., 3M, Atmel Corporation, Fujitsu Component Limited, Cirque Corporation, Elo Touch Solutions, ELK Corporation, LG Display Co. Ltd., Cypress Semiconductor, Sharp Corporation and others.

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