Chewing Gum Base Market Understanding the Key Product Segments and their Future 2018-2028

Market Outlook for Chewing Gum Base:

Chewing gum base is the main ingredient of the chewing gum with other ingredients such as food colors, sweetener, and flavors, which gives gum the said chewable characteristic due to masticatory properties. Chewing gum base is non-digestive, non-nutritive, and water-insoluble. Chewing gum base is the substance that holds all other ingredients together. Chewing gum base possesses characteristics such as pliability, plasticity, elasticity, hardness, the degree of stickiness, and the desired texture. These are important factors to consider when considering a material to be used as a chewing gum base. It is important for a chewing gum to have a high degree of pliability and elasticity and not to become firm during the mastication process.

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Chewing Gum Base Market: Dynamics

Chewing gum base demand is increasing due to surging demand of the chewing gum. The main reason for increasing demand for chewing gum is the health benefits from chewing the gum such as stress release, improved oral hygiene, and enhanced concentration. Also, other factors responsible for increasing demand of chewing gum are the range of flavor and colors available which mainly attracts youth and kids. Artisan confectionery is becoming popular in various countries which is responsible for growth in the demand for the chewing gum base market.

Chewing gum base material uses mostly synthetic rubbers such as polyethylene, polyvinyl acetate etc. instead of natural rubber to allow long-lasting flavor, improve texture. These synthetic materials are plastics and hence a source of pollution. Because of this chewing gum base derived from natural resources are gaining demand in the chewing gum industry. Some companies opting for the ancient practice of using Chicle or tree sap as a chewing gum base is a suitable and healthier yet environment-friendly alternative. Chewing gum base derived from natural sources are simple, healthy, and non-GMO fulfilling current consumer demand for the healthy product.

However, chewing gum contains some additives which impart a bad effect on health and is the main restraint for the growth of the chewing gum base market. Added antioxidants, such as Butylated Hydroxytoulene, are added as food preservative that prevents fat from going rancid. The use of this chemical is controversial as some studies on animals have shown that it can cause cancer.

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Chewing Gum Base market segmentation:

Chewing Gum Base market segmentation on the basis of the type:

  • Natural
  • Synthetic

Chewing Gum Base market segmentation on the basis of the form:

  • Blocks
  • Pellets
  • Sheets

Chewing Gum Base market segmentation on the basis of source:

  • Acacia tree
  • Carob tree
  • Cluster bean
  • Red seaweed
  • Fruit Peel
  • Other

Chewing Gum Base market segmentation on the basis of end use:

  • Food Confectionery Candy
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Clinical

Global Chewing Gum Base market: Key players

Cafosa, Gum Base Co., Ingredion Inc., Proaroma, Fertin Pharma, Wacker, Boc Science, Neostar United Industrial Co. Ltd., and Angene International Ltd. are among the key players in the global Chewing gum base market.

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Global Chewing Gum Base market: Key developments

Ingredion Inc.: In January 2017, Ingredion Inc. acquired TIC Gums Inc. for $400 million cash transaction. TIC Gums Inc. was a leading manufacturer of advanced texture systems to the food and beverage industry. As Ingredion is present globally, this will lead to further expansion of the chewing gum base market.

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