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Dammar Gum Market Sales Forecasts Reveal Positive Growth Through 2028 – Lake Shore Gazette

Dammar Gum Market Sales Forecasts Reveal Positive Growth Through 2028

Dammar gum is a resin mostly found in India and East Asian countries. Dammar gum is also known as Dammar or Damar gum. Dammar gum is a dried exudate derived from Dipterocarpaceae family trees, by tapping the trees or collected in the form of fossil from the ground. The content of the dammar gum is triterpenoid resins and its oxidation products such as dammarane, oleaonic acid, oleanane, and dammarenolic acid. Due to its clouding, glazing, stabilizing, and other properties it finds uses in industries such as food, paint, ink, varnish, and lacquer. Dammar gum resin is used in incense industry because it emits light lemony scent.

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Dammar Gum market dynamics:

Dammar gum finds application in the wide array of industries due to its various characteristics. These applications in different industries are the main driver for the dammar gum market growth. Dammar gum is used in the food and beverage industry as a clouding agent and glazing agent. Dammar gum is used in varnish industry due to its glazing property. Besides glazing property dammar gum provides adhesion, color retention, flexibility, and resistance to fumes. Dammar gum is used in white enamel paint as it provides good adhesion and fume resistance. Due to the emission of aromatic scent, dammar gum is used in many Asian and Southeast Asia countries in an indigenous system of medicine mainly in India, Malaysia, and Indonesia etc. Dammar gum possesses good water-resistance property and is used in the pharmaceutical industry as a coating material of tablets.

The major driving factor for the growth of the dammar gum market is the growth of the food industry. Also increasing population is leading to growth in the construction and paint industry where the demand for dammar gum as a varnish in increasing. Also, urbanization leading to increased production of the vehicle is fueling dammar gum market growth.

However, due to increased demand for dammar gum, cutting of the Dipterocarpaceae family trees has increased by a tremendous amount. This is leading to deforestation on a huge scale and affecting the forest flora and fauna in the regions of Southeast and East Asia countries. Stringent rules and regulation are being implied by the governments of these countries which is affecting the market growth.

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Dammar Gum market segmentation:

Dammar Gum market segmentation on the basis of the source:

  • Shorea
  • Agathis
  • Hopea
  • Other

Dammar Gum market segmentation on the basis of color:

  • White
  • Brown
  • Grey-brown
  • Pale yellow
  • Other

Dammar Gum market segmentation on the basis of end use:

  • Food
  • Incense
  • Varnish
  • Dentistry
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Other (paint, ink etc.)

Dammar Gum market segmentation on the basis of application:

  • Glazing agent
  • Stabilizer
  • Clouding agent
  • Adhesion
  • Other (water-repellant, fume resistance etc.)

Global Dammar Gum market: Key players

Dammar gum market is operated by small and regional manufacturers. Sennelier, Bandish Enterprises, Nexira Inc., Starlight, William Bernstein Company, and P.T. Samiraschem Indonesia are among the key players in the global dammar gum market.

Global Dammar Gum market: Key developments

Nexira Inc. launched two new food ingredients in 2017; Damar-EZ organic and Instantgum organic which are used for flavor stabilizer and flavor emulsifier, respectively.  Damar-EZ organic is derived from shorea javanica tree and Instantgum is derived from Acacia tree. Both the products are plant-based and easy to use in flavor formulation, meeting the market requirements for natural solutions as well as clean labeling. Also as a natural origin, the non-GMO product makes these dammar gum products more attractive fitting the current consumer needs.

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Global Dammar Gum market: Opportunity

The global dammar gum market is likely to show growth in the Asian region by increasing population due to increased demand in food and beverage industry. Also, rapid growth in high-tech technologies and R&D facilities might lead to increased application in pharmaceutical and dentistry industries. There are various factors that are likely to attribute to the growth of the application of dammar gum such as increased awareness in overseas countries. Also, approval of dammar gum in food ingredients as a flavor emulsifier and stabilizer in the US is likely to affect the demand for dammar gum and fuels dammar gum market growth.  As the demand for the dammar gum is increasing, the opportunity for Acacia and Shorea tree cultivator might escalate.

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