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Non Lethal Projectiles Market Expected to Expand at a Steady CAGR through 2018 – 2028 – Lake Shore Gazette

Non Lethal Projectiles Market Expected to Expand at a Steady CAGR through 2018 – 2028

Non Lethal Projectiles are a key component of weapons that are used to incapacitate a person without causing death or permanent injury. In emergency situations where force in required to be used, Non Lethal Projectiles fired from special guns or deployed by human force inflict pain on impact with targets. Non Lethal Projectiles inflict enough pain or have enough impact on the human targets so as to temporarily incapacitate them, or restrain them from fleeing and or retaliating. Non Lethal Projectiles use different mechanisms to inflict pain or restrain people, depending on product types. Non Lethal Projectiles such as rubber or plastic bullets or pellets cause high physical impact on targets, which may also cause physical injuries of a temporary nature. Non Lethal Projectiles such as tear gas canisters use a chemical mechanism to cause visual disruption, pain and cognitive confusion among a target group of humans to disorient them. Some types of Non Lethal Projectiles use a mechanism that deliver electrical shocks to targets, thus rendering them temporarily immobile or in a reduced state of mobility. Thus Non Lethal Projectiles are highly useful in handling volatile situations and save lives on both sides, the user as well as the target.

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Considering these aspects of the Non Lethal Projectiles, the study of the trends and forecasts of the Non Lethal Projectiles market becomes an important read.

Non Lethal Projectiles Market: Segmentation

On the basis of product type, the Non Lethal Projectiles market can be segmented as,

  • Bean Bag Rounds
  • Bullets
    • Rubber
    • Plastic
    • Wooden
    • Pellets
  • Sponge Grenades
  • Gas & Spray Rounds
  • Electroshock Weapons

On the basis of impact type, the Non Lethal Projectiles market can be segmented as,

  • Kinetic and Physical
  • Chemical
  • Electromagnetic

On the basis of end user, the Non Lethal Projectiles market can be segmented as,

  • Civilians
  • Police and Law Enforcement
  • Military

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Non Lethal Projectiles Market: Dynamics

There is growing use of Non Lethal Projectiles in specialized weapons for application in non-combatant crowd control. Non Lethal Projectiles provide an alternative to the use of conventional ammunition, the application of which often results in death or serious permanent disabilities to humans. Across the world, political instability, mob violence and rioting are an increasing danger to law enforcement departments. Also, in conflict areas where military personnel are involved in peacekeeping missions, non lethal projectiles greatly reduce human fatalities. Although there have also been fatalities reported resulting from the use of non lethal projectiles, a big reason of this has been lack of enough training for personnel specialized weapons with non lethal projectiles. Moreover, efforts are underway to further reduce the number of unwanted fatalities through better design of non lethal projectiles. Thus the growing need for crowd control, violent crime reduction and the increasing sensitivity of nations to human fatalities at the hands of law enforcement is driving the market for non lethal projectiles.

Non Lethal Projectiles Market: Regional Outlook

The market for Non Lethal Projectiles is set to witness growth at a robust pace in the next five to ten years in view of increasing demand for non-injurious crowd control methods. Asia Pacific is expected to be an important region for Non Lethal Projectiles market, with large scope for providing the usually under-equipped policing units of developing economies with advanced equipment. Thus manufacturers of Non Lethal Projectiles can expand rapidly into the unserved regions to make gains, as countries improve their public administration. Europe and North America are significant markets for Non Lethal Projectiles with well-developed systems and guidelines for crowd control and particular emphasis on human safety. Toughening regulations in these regions will help the Non Lethal Projectiles market. US, UK, Germany, China, are some of the key countries to watch in the Non Lethal Projectiles market.

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Non Lethal Projectiles Market: Market Participants

Examples of some of the market participants identified in the Non Lethal Projectiles market include,

  • Security Devices International
  • Mission Less Lethal Technologies
  • Lamperd Less Lethal Inc
  • Taser International, Inc.
  • Jiun-an Technology Co., Ltd
  • Allstates Rubber & Tool Corporation
  • Combined Systems, Inc.
  • Amtec Less Lethal Systems, Inc
  • The Safariland Group
  • Herstal SA
  • Condor Non-Lethal Technologies
  • PepperBall Technologies, Inc.

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