Reproductive Management Products Market to Witness Rapid Increase in Consumption During 2017 – 2025

Reproductive performance in animals is affected by various factors such as animal nutrition, owner’s socio-economic conditions, environment, animal’s adaptability as well as genetic characteristics. Reproductive management products are used in managing the reproductive efficiency of animals by focusing on genetic as well as non-genetic factors. These products varies between different species and breeds. Reproductive management practices aims to cover the ability to mate, controlling birth season, strategic supplementation, improving herd health, the capacity to conceive, nourishing the embryo and delivering the viable young ones at the end of a normal gestation period. Reproductive management is done in both livestock as well as companion animal population. But, this is an important factor to determine the economic efficiency and sustainability in the business dealing with livestock animals as it is important for the economic livelihood of producers and ultimately affects the consumption cost of animal products. Rising awareness among the pet owners and increase in pet caring leads to the market growth of reproductive management products for companion animals.

Various products are available in the market for reproductive management such as vaccines, hormones, therapeutics and equipments. These products are used by practicing veterinarians in clinical used and for research purpose. These days, Biotechnology is offering exceptional opportunities for the development of novel products in the improvement of animal reproduction.

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Reproductive Management Products market: Drivers & Restraints

Increasing number of breeding programs, organizing several training programs, scientific advancements, growing number of pet population and collaborations with different veterinary universities and institutes helps in driving the market growth of reproductive management products. Government funding for animal genomics, breeding and genetic resources also supports the market growth for reproductive management products. Unavailability of veterinary healthcare facilities in several under-developed and developing regions hinders the growth. Slow growth in product developments by companies for animals in the reproductive category also lowers the market growth.

Reproductive Management Products market: Segmentation

By Product Type:

  • Equipment
  • Pharmaceuticals

By Animal Type:

  • Livestock Animals
  • Companion Animals

By Gender Type:

  • Male Animals
  • Female Animals

By End Users:

  • Veterinary Hospitals
  • Veterinary Clinics
  • Academics & Research Institutes

Companies such as Ceva has been collaborating with the scientists and veterinary practitioners in increasing their knowledge in the field of cattle reproduction. Several training seminars are also organized for educating the animal carers. Reproductive management products are mostly used for livestock animal population than for the companion animal use. Several key developments such as new product launches, mergers and collaborations in this direction are observed as the trends in the market. Recently, BCF technologies join the IMV technologies group to widen its offering to the entire reproduction management sector. Several government as well as non-governmental organization’s support in veterinary care programs for livestock population also have an impact in the market growth. Most of the market growth is expected to have their biggest share from the developing countries.

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Geographically, the market for Reproductive Management Products can be segmented into five regions, North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia Pacific and Middle East & Africa. North America dominates the global Reproductive Management Products market owing to the high number of pet population, availability of these assisted reproductive products and existence of better veterinary healthcare facilities. Europe represents the next leading market because of the special focus on veterinary care as well high consumption of these products in the region.  However, Asia-Pacific represents the highest growth rate in the coming years due to the increasing public awareness, improving access to veterinary healthcare facilities and increasing number of breeding programmes in the developing countries. Latin America also represents a significant market share owing to one of the biggest beef producers in the world and thus requiring veterinary care products for reproductive management. MEA region represents the least market share globally over the forecast period.

Some major key players of Reproductive Management Products market include Ceva, Bayer AG, Parnell, Minitube, MOFA Global, Animal Reporductive Systems Inc., Merck Animal Health, Zoetis Services LLC and others.

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