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Sales Forecasts of Aluminium Foil Packaging Market Reveal Positive Outlook Through 2016 – 2022 – Lake Shore Gazette

Sales Forecasts of Aluminium Foil Packaging Market Reveal Positive Outlook Through 2016 – 2022

Aluminium foil provides various benefits to the food and packaging industries. The consumers can heat or freeze food items in the foil container directly. Aluminium foil packaging material is a part of the flexible packaging material and is generally formed using aluminium sheets. Aluminium foil can be utilized to wrap around any product for packaging functions. It is produced through the regular casting and cold calling. Aluminium foil packaging is a sort of packaging, which arranges a resistant barrier to safeguard food, beverage, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals and helps in waste reduction. Aluminium packaging is extremely corrosion-resistant and chemically neutral. Moreover, it is hygienic and non-toxic in nature. The raw materials for aluminium foil packaging is produced utilizing aluminium sheets and it is a part of stretchable packaging material. The major users of aluminium foil packaging include pharmaceuticals, food and beverage industries. Aluminium foil wrap is produced through regular casting and cold rolling and thus it is favorable to be utilized to enclose around any product for packaging functions. The aluminium foil packaging market has showcased an upliftment in its revenue over the past few years and is likely to grow at a higher pace over the next few years till 2022.

Robust economic growth along with rising middle population with inclining personal disposable income is anticipated to intensify the growth of global aluminium foil packaging market during the forecast period. The change in life style which includes changed food habits has led to inclining demand for packaging. Besides this, robust demand for aluminium foil packaging in snacks and chocolate industry are also strengthening the growth of aluminium foil packaging market all across the globe. Some of the major opportunities in global aluminium foil packaging market includes technological development to enhance the product quality, reduction in plants lossess, inclination in the obtainability of foils in different forms for crucial mass consumption usages and progress in the exportability of aluminium foils. The global aluminium foil packaging market is foreseen to observe a robust CAGR during the projected period.

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Global Aluminium Foil Packaging market is segmented by: type, and by region

Aluminium Foil Packaging by Type of Packaging:

  • Rigid Aluminium Packaging
  • Semi-rigid Packaging
  • Flexible Packaging

Aluminium Foil Packaging by Application:

  • Aerosols Packaging
  • Tubes Packaging
  • Cans
  • Dishes
  • Lids
  • Aluminium Pouches
  • Other

Aluminium Foil Packaging By End-users:

  • Healthcare
  • Cosmetics
  • Food & Beverages
  • Others

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The Geographically, the global aluminium foil packaging industry can be divided  by major regions which include North America, Latin America, Western and Eastern Europe, Asia-Pacific region, Japan, Middle East and Africa. American region captured the highest share in revenue terms in 2014. Followed by it, Europe and Asia-Pacific region grabbed the market. The North American aluminium foil packaging market is likely to be dominant during the forecast period. This is majorly due to change in technology in order to enhance the product quality by the manufacturers in the region. Apart from this, inclining demand for packaged food in Asian region is anticipated to incline the growth of Aluminium foil packaging market in Asia by 2022.

Some of the key vendors identified across the value chain of aluminium foil packaging includes Ardagh Group, ACM Carcano, Tetra Pack, Zenith, Jasch Foils, Assan Aluminyum, Flexifoil, Amcor, and others. The aluminium foil packaging manufacturers are focusing on development of varieties of packaging in order to gain the competitive advantage in the global aluminium foil packaging market.

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