Continuous Ink Jet (Cij) Inks Market Prevalent Opportunities up to 2027

Global continuous Ink Jet (CIJ) Inks Market: Introduction

With the rising consumer’s dependency for packaging food products, there is an increase in the demand for printing and labeling equipment in the market. Consumers are in search of relevant information of the product that is provided through printing. Since there is wide range of printers available in the market, out of them, packaging manufacturers prefer consistence, high speed, and low maintenance printers. Continues inkjet printers that are suitable for printing for long hours, without stoppage. Continuous inject printers able to print small character, and medium characters. The fluid used for continues inkjet printer is made in a way that it reduces the chances of hindrances during operation of the printer.  Continuous inkjet ink has features such as speedily drying, superior depth, reliability, and consistency. Continuous inkjet ink does not clog the system so that printers can work smoothly for long hours. This features of continuous inkjet ink are rising its demand in the market.

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Global continuous ink jet (CIJ) inks Market: Dynamics

Global continuous inkjet inks market is driven by the growth of the packaging industry. Today, there are a variety of products available in the market. So, new brands owners are using attractive graphics text, logos for differentiating their product. Thus, packaging manufacturers are using continuous ink jet inks for packaging products served in the food & beverage industry, pharmaceuticals industry, consumers goods, cosmetics & personal care, industrial goods, automotive industry and others. The continuous inkjet inks are non-reactive with the packaged product, thus inks are used for printing for food & beverages. Continuous inkjet inks can withstand a different climatic condition such as high temperature and freezing temperature. This feature of continuous inkjet inks makes them more applicable to a wide range of products. Continuous inkjet inks are UV readable. Therefore, they are used for UV coding and marking applications. Continuous inkjet ink is suitable for printing on bottles, boxes, pouches, sachets, cups trays, films, etc. These inks are non-contact, it is sprayed through the distance. Thus, this feature eliminates the possibility of print head damage, due to wear and tear. These features of continuous inkjet inks are increasing their application in the market thus driving the continuous inkjet inks market.

Global continuous ink jet (CIJ) inks market: regional overview

Global continuous ink jet inks market is segmented into seven regions including North America, Latin America, Eastern Europe, Western Europe, Middle East and Africa (MEA), Asia Pacific excluding Japan (APeJ) and Japan.  Continuous ink jet inks market is estimated to show continuous growth in the Europe region. North America region has well establish continuous inkjet inks market. So, the market growth is expected to remain stagnant during the forecast period. MEA region shows sluggish growth in the forecast period.

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Global continuous ink jet (CIJ) inks market: Key players

Some of the key players of global continuous inkjet inks are Needham Inks Limited, Squid Ink, Aztec Fluids & Machinery Pvt. Ltd, Jet Inks Private Limited, SIC-UK Ltd and others.

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