Microtome Cryostat Equipment Market Demand Driver Assessment by 2017-2025

Microtome Cryostat Equipment Market

Microtome cryostat or freezing microtome is a medical device designed to obtain the cryo-sections of animal and plant tissue samples into thin sections (tissue are sectioned as thin as 1 micrometre).  Microtome cryostat is used for routine applications in biology, medicine and industrial applications. Microtome cryostat consists of a microtome contained within the refrigerated cabinet which is generally operated within the temperature range of -5°C to -50°C. Microtome cryostat is composed of an instrument to section the frozen tissue samples, a rotary microtome and knife or blade holder and a means to freeze the samples. Microtomes can be manual, semiautomatic and automatic. Recent models of cryostat microtomes are automatic with external controls and consists of components made of stainless steel. As per their operating mechanism cryostat microtomes are broadly classified as, manual cryostat microtome, semi-automatic cryostat microtome and fully automatic cryostat microtome. Manual cryostat microtomes underlays manual operating procedure for sectioning of samples wherein the tissue samples in microtome or rotary microtome are manually and mechanically driven using hand-wheel rotation whereas in case of semi-automatic cryostat microtome the hand-wheel used is manual for sectioning featuring motorized specimen advance with digital controls and settings. The automatic cryostat microtome features motorized specimen advance with fully automatic cryostat microtome along with digital controls and settings.

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Increasing demand for cryostat microtomes across several histology and research labs for research purposes. Sectioned tissue samples are widely used for high quality microscopic examination in such facilities. They are usually used in a process called frozen section histology to cut thin sections of fresh, frozen material. The market of cryostat microtomes is expected to witness increasing demand owing on its high efficiency and better results as compared to other microtome techniques. A large number of clinical and research facilities are opting for advanced automatic cryostat microtomes. In cryostat microtomes as soon as the specimen are cut they are transferred to a warm clear glass slide. As a result the specimen/tissue samples adhere firmly to the warm slide surface the staining of mounting may be carried out more rapidly. The use of cryostat microtome is widely employed in cancer diagnostic procedures including surgical excision of cancer. Application of frozen tissue samples enables healthcare specialists to examine tissue and diagnose its condition more quickly as compared to the preserved tissue sample without freezing procedure. Furthermore increasing prevalence of medical conditions such as cancer and other pathological disorders is driving the adoption of such systems in the hospitals and other healthcare facilities.

The global market for microtome cryostat equipment is segmented on basis of product type, material of construction, end user and geography:

  • Segmentation by Product Type
    • Manual microtome cryostat equipment
    • Semi-automatic microtome cryostat equipment
    • Automatic cryostat microtome equipment
  • Segmentation by End User
    • Hospitals
    • Ambulatory Surgical Centers
    • Research Centers

Based on product type, the cryostat microtome equipment market is segmented on the basis of manual cryostat microtome equipment, semi-automatic microtome cryostat equipment and automatic cryostat microtome equipment. Automatic cryostat microtome equipment segment is expected to lead the global market for microtome cryostat equipment over the forecast period.

Based on end user, the global microtome cryostat equipment market has been segmented into hospitals ambulatory surgical centers and research centers. Hospitals end user segment clearly dominates the global market for microtome cryostat equipment market over the forecast period.

Regionally, global microtome cryostat equipment market is segmented into five key regions viz. North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and Middle East & Africa. North America is expected to lead the global market due to growing number of healthcare facilities depending on advanced cryostat microtome equipment’s. Market in APAC region is expected to witness significant growth rate over the forecast period owing to expansion activities by key market players in the region.

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Some of the players operating in global microtome cryostat equipment market are, Universal Microtome and Cryostat microtomes, Leica Microsystems GmbH, Shenyang Roundfin Trade Co., Ltd., Bright Instruments, Spencers World, Jinhua YIDI Medical Appliance CO.,LTD, SLEE medical GmbH. A company employs unique strategy that each of its new or improved model of cryostat microtome equipment has a unique design.

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