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Oral Dosing Cups Market Size, Share and Growth Opportunities by 2019 – 2029 – Lake Shore Gazette

Oral Dosing Cups Market Size, Share and Growth Opportunities by 2019 – 2029

Oral dosing cups are calibrated cups used for exact dosing to patients, especially children. They are meant for oral dosing, and are usually available in sizes from 2 ml to 30 ml or more. Oral dosing cups are preferred by many parents for pediatric oral medicine. They are useful in unit dosing, wherein they reduce chances of medication errors and contamination risks. Although oral dosing cups are useful, there have been many dosing errors by parents at home. There have been reports of confusion with oral dosing cups, where parents find the dosing quantity confusing. Oral dosing cups need to be aided by spoons, and parents reportedly get confused between a teaspoon and a table spoon. Some users also take the entire cup to be the right amount of dosing. Therefore, despite being a good alternative to syringes, the preference for oral dosing cups is relatively compared to alternative solutions.

Global oral dosing cups market: Dynamics

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The global oral dosing cups market is expected to grow on the backdrop of the global healthcare industry, which is currently growing at a healthy CAGR.

The major drivers expected to fuel growth of the global oral dosing cups are – high demand for dose delivery devices by vendors of over-the-counter (OTC) liquid drug products, such as, syrups, elixirs and suspensions, preference for products such as oral dosing cups, syringes and droppers, that are intended to aid appropriate dispensing of the product by the end user, who may be a patient, parent, or caregiver. Both supplier side and demand side preference for convenience during medicine intake is expected to facilitate increase in preference for products such as oral dosing cups, over the forecast period. As the number of players in the global over-the-counter drug market rises, the growth is expected to drive the need for convenient dispensing products, of which, dosing cups are one.

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Although the market outlook is likely to remain positive in terms of growth, there are numerous factors that might hamper growth rate of the global oral dosing cups market. Many oral dosing cups available in the market carry misleading calibration bearings, which have been reported to confuse the end users and lead to wrong quantity of drug administration. As a result, many alternative delivery products are preferred and recommended over oral dosing cups. These may include syringes, droppers, and cylindrical spoons. The major restraint for the global oral dosing cups market is in the form of accuracy. Despite the calibration, it has been found that more end users are likely to measure a dose accurately using a syringe, than a dosing cup.

Global oral dosing cups market: Segmentation

The global oral dosing cups market has been segmented on the following basis

On the basis of Product Type

  • Disposable
  • Re-usable

On the basis of Capacity

  • <5 ml
  • 5 ml – 15 ml
  • 15 ml – 25 ml
  • >25 ml

Global oral dosing cups market: Geographical Outlook

The global oral dosing cups market has been segmented into seven regions –

  • North America
  • Latin America
  • Asia Pacific excluding Japan (APEJ)
  • Western Europe
  • Eastern Europe
  • Middle East and Africa (MEA)
  • Japan

The North America region represents the largest oral dosing cups market, owing to a mature consumer base. There existed some inconsistency regarding the calibration of oral dosing cups in the U.S., wherein some of the products were calibrated in Dram units. Amidst calls for adoption of the metric system, the oral dosing cups market is expected to experience minor turbulence, over the forecast period. The Western Europe and Eastern Europe markets are highly saturated and are expected to remain rather stagnant. The APEJ and the Latin America regions however, provide immense opportunities for growth of the oral dosing cups market. India, which is home to approximately 1/7th of the global population, has a massive immunization program in place which primarily makes use of syringes and droppers to administer drugs. A large population of India does not have access to proper healthcare. Therefore, it provides plenty of opportunities for the dosing cups market to grow.

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Global oral dosing cups market: Key Players

Some of the players operating in the global oral dosing cups market are – Comar, Inc., Stiplastics S.A.S, Argo S.A., and Gramb GmbH Kunststoffverarbeitung.

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