Smart/AI Toys Market Estimated to Record Highest CAGR by 2027

The global market for Smart/AI Toys is overwhelm with a spectacular variety of play things targeted at children, young adults and grown-ups. Continuous innovation and launch of Smart/AI toys over the years, has decreased the traditional toy market.Now there is a new wave of Smart/AI Toys, Games and apps that children can program themselves and be the controllers. This will help kids to get a head start at learning and liking STEM, which stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.The global Smart/AI toys and Games market is estimated to increase rapidly due to innovation, technology development and launch of smart toys and educative games. This will lead to bring in new opportunities for demand growth for Smart/AI toys in coming years. Incorporating modern technology into brands is a key competition strategy for success in the Smart/AI Toys market.

Smart/AI toys are creating a new form of entertainment without changing the function of toys. With the emergence of IoT (Internet of Things), toys are seen as the potential area where the connectivity and existing toys can be merged to innovate new toys which are referred as Smart/AI toys. Also, the Smart/AI toys connected to mobile apps is emerging as a key market for toys vendors.

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Smart/AI Toys Market: Drivers and Restraints


An interesting trend influencing the Smart/AI toys market is the growing disappointment of children towards traditional toys and games. The period of engaged play with the same toys and games is declining. This has resulted in the introduction of new and different games and Smart/AI toys. The manufacturers are pushing to develop smart/AI toys due to the increasingly digital lifestyles of consumers and exposure to technology at an early age. App integrated toys, and toys that can be controlled by smartphones and tablets are emerging as the new frontiers of growth in Smart/AI market.


The manufacturers are faced with the challenge of continuously developing Smart/AI toys that grab and sustain the attention of children. High cost of Smart/AI toys can be the restraint to the growth of Smart/AI Toys market.

Smart/AI Toys Market: Market Segmentation

Smart/AI Toys Marketcan be divided into two sectors mostly influenced by age and type of product.

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Segmentation on basis of Age group for Smart/AI Toys Market:

The major segments of Smart/ AI Toys Marketon basis of age group includes:

Smart/AI Toys Market: Regional Overview

According to the regional analysis the smart/AI toys market will be dominated by the United States, due to the high demand in this region and the strong performance of smart toys in this region. However, the market in APAC is set to disrupt this trend with the increase in disposable income and the presence of developing countries in this region which will result in high demand for the Smart/AI toys. Also, the presence of key players in this region will fuel the growth of the smart/AI market in this region.

Smart/AI Toys Market: Key Players

Some prominent players covered in Smart/AI market include Dream International Ltd., Integrity Toys, Inc., JAKKS Pacific Inc., Kids II, Inc., K’NEX Brands, Inc., Konami Corporation, LeapFrog Enterprises, Inc., Mattel, Inc., Fisher-Price, Inc., Playmates Toys, Inc., Sanrio Company Ltd., TOMY Company Ltd., among others.

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