Dairy Processing Equipment Market Estimated to Flourish at by 2025

Milk is an advantageous nutritious food that has a short life span and needs careful handling. It is highly perishable as it has a stupendous medium for the growth of microorganisms. Milk processing permits the preservation of milk for days, weeks as well as even months and thus helps to decrease food-borne diseases. The processing of dairy products gives a small-scale dairy makers higher cash incomes than selling raw milk and proposes better prospects to reach regional and urban markets. Besides this, milk processing can also aid in to deal with seasonal changes in supply of milk. The shift of raw milk into processed milk and yields can be advantageous for the entire society by creating off-farm jobs in collection of milk, marketing, transportation as well as processing of milk. Dairy processing arises all over the world; moreover the structure of the industry differs from country to country. It has been observed that in less developed regions, milk is highly sold to the public directly, but in most of milk manufacturing countries milk is sold on a basis of wholesale. It has also been noticed that, general trend towards huge processing plants has offered the companies with the scope of acquiring bigger, more effective and automated equipment. Specialized processes which includes ultrafiltration as well as modern drying processes, have inclined the chances for recovery of milk solids that were previously discharged. In addition to it, all processes have become more energy efficient and effective and the utilization of electronic control systems has permitted enhanced processing effectiveness and cost savings.

The Global dairy processing equipment market has showcased a higher growth over the past few years and is anticipated to showcase a significant CAGR from 2015-2025. Advancement in technology as well as rising consumption of dairy products to bolster the overall global dairy processing equipment over the next 10 years till 2025.

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Global Dairy Processing Equipment: Market Segmentation

The Global Dairy Processing Equipment market is segmented on the basis of types of equipment which include homogenizers, separators, dryers, membrane filters, pasteurizers, churning equipment and others. As the industry has various application areas, thus the global dairy processing equipment market is also bifurcated by applications such as cream, cheese, processed milk, protein concentrates, milk powder, yogurt and others. The global dairy processing market is further segmented on the basis of unorganized and organized sector with the majority of the share captured by former in the overall dairy processing equipment market.

Global Dairy Processing Equipment Market: Growth Drivers

Change in technology along with higher consumption of dairy products are the major growth handlers in the global dairy processing equipment market. Apart from this, rising demand for milk in cream, cheese, milk powder and yogurt are intensifying the market of global dairy processing equipment. The innovation as well as the expansion in the new dairy products with respect to end-user applications are also fostering the growth of the global dairy processing equipment market. It has been noticed that for the production of milk powders and protein concentrates, the equipment such as membrane filters and evaporators are used which is anticipated to witness significant demand in the coming 10 years from 2015-2025 in the global dairy processing equipment market.

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Global Dairy Processing Equipment Market: Regional Outlook

Geographically, the Global Dairy Processing Equipment industry can be divided  by major regions which include North America, Latin America, Western and Eastern Europe, Asia-Pacific region, Japan, Middle East and Africa. It has been noticed that, presently Asia Pacific region captured the highest market share in the global dairy processing equipment market followed by Europe and North America holding second and third position respectively.  The dairy processing industries in the key dairy manufacturing countries have experienced rationalization with a trend towards larger plants operated by less number of people. Thus, in the U.S., Australia, Europe and New Zealand major dairy processing plants are quite huge. China occupies the substantial share in Asia Pacific region in terms of importing dairy products and New Zealand and Australia are the major exporters of dairy products.

Apart from this, it has been noticed that plants producing products with short life span such as yogurts, soft cheese and creams, tend to be placed in urban centers close to consumer markets, whereas the plants producing items with longer shelf life which includes milk powders, butter milk, and cheese are tend to be situated in rural areas proximity to milk supply.

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Global Dairy Processing Equipment Market: Players

Some of the major conglomerates capturing the substantial market share in the Global Dairy Processing Equipment market includes SPX Corporation, Tetra Laval group, Alfa Laval Corporate AB, IDMC Limited, GEA group, the Krones group, A&B Process systems and Feldmeier Equipment, Inc. Some of the countries such as China in the Asia–Pacific region has become the major importer of dairy products and served as a profitable market for international dairy processors to capitalize the rising consumer demand, thereby presenting a prospect for dairy processing equipment manufacturers all over the world.

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