Erythritol Market Promising Growth Opportunities over 2015-2025

Erythritol is a sugar alcohol or polyol widely used as sweeteners in food and beverage industry. High intensify sweeteners holds around 10 per cent of overall global sugar market in terms of value and erythritol holds a part of high intensify sweeteners. Erythritol are produced by fermentation or hydrogenation of different carbohydrates. It is about 70 percent as sweet as sucrose which have very low calorie and some time it is produced as zero calorie, also it is shown in the clinical studies that erythritol has better digestive tolerance as compared to other polyols for which the major part of erythritol goes into the body through the blood, after being absorbed via the small intestine. Erythritol is approved by Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS), U S Food and Drug Administration (FDA), moreover, jurisdictions including the EU where erythritol has been regulated to be zero kcal/g. Erythritol owing many benefits such as, it is a zero calorie sweetener which is safe for the people with diabetes, it has high digestive tolerance compare to sucrose at the same volume, moreover erythritol does not cause tooth decay. Owing to have such benefits erythritol market is growing by increasing its production worldwide. North America, Western Europe and Japan holds a significant market share of erythritol in terms of value, where consumption of high intensify sweeteners are very high in these segments. Asia pacific includes China, India are showing potential in these market since many manufacturing units are being installed.

Erythritol Market Segmentation:

On the basis of application erythritol market is segmented on food and beverage industry, pharmaceutical industry, personal care industry and others that includes agriculture/animal feed. Food and beverage industry is further sub segmented into food industry and beverage industry, where in food industry it is used as sweetener, additives and protective agents, sweeteners and protective agents mainly used in confectionaries, additives used in low calorie diet food. In pharmaceutical industry it is used as flavoring agent to enhance the taste of medicine. In personal care includes oral care and others, it is used as preservatives to inhabit bacteria.

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Geographically erythritol market is segmented into North America, Latin America, Eastern Europe, Western Europe, Asia Pacific excluding Japan, Japan and Middle East & Africa.

Erythritol Market Dynamics:

Demand for high intensify sweeteners have shown a steady growth over last five years which is also expected to grow at a higher rate in the next five forecast years. Health consciousness and change in life style among consumers of emerging countries are driving the market. However, stevia is a strong challenge for erythritol which is growing many a times higher than erythritol as compare to erythritol.

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There is no as such restraint for the erythritol market, however industrial manufacturer should maintain the permissible limit of erythritol addition in the products, since over consumption of erythritol effects on gastrointestinal system. Erythritol is already used in North America, Western Europe and Japan, there is a highly opportunities in emerging economies over Asia Pacific excluding Japan and Latin America. It is expecting Asia Pacific to be one of the largest market for erythritol in the near future.

Erythritol Market Key Players:

Some the key players operating across the value chain of erythritol market are Foodchem International Corporation, Cargill Inc., Incorporated, JUNGBUNZLAUER SUISSE AG, Shandong Sanyuan Biotechnology Co., Ltd,

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