Multitargeted Therapies Promiscuous Drugs Combination Therapies Market to Gain a Stronghold by 2021

Multitargeted Therapies Promiscuous Drugs Combination Therapies Market

“A paradigm shift has been observed with respect to the development of effective therapies involving the use of complementary drug combinations. The main focus of such therapies is to target all the tumor components and impair their function. Tyrosine kinase receptors, mitochondria and microtubule networks are some of the most common targets of cancer cells. This novel approach helps in elucidating the effects of therapeutic combination on each tumor component and results in unveiling of new anti-cancer mechanisms. These anti-cancer mechanisms in turn pave the path for development of new drugs and strategies to tackle with the condition. Combination therapies are used against complex disorders that have multiple causes along with multiple targets and many small molecule drugs are capable of addressing multiple targets. Multitargeted therapies is the emerging discipline resulting from the combination of chemogenomics and network biology. The market for multitargeted therapies exhibits impressive growth due to effective treatment options, use of small molecule drugs effective against multiple targets and rise in the number of patients suffering from complex diseases such as cancer.

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The market for multitargeted therapies can be segmented on the basis of the molecules used in the treatment and novel approaches towards development of novel combination therapies against multiple targets. Multitargeted protein kinase inhibitors are effective in treating chronic myelogenous leukemia. Synthetic lethality results from the combination of mutations in two or more genes leading to cell death. This approach is adopted to develop targeted therapies in order to reduce the off-target effects due to use of chemopreventative drugs and chemotherapies.

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The major factors driving the growth of the market are constant rise in the number of cancer patients worldwide in conjunction with increasing preference for effective treatment options. In addition, introduction of novel drugs and technological advances will further fuel the market growth. On the contrary, prolonged and tedious development phase followed by high costs of drug development process are some of the factors that might restrain the growth of the market.”

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