Dew Point Thermometer Market to Witness Robust Expansion Throughout the Forecast 2019 – 2029

When air or gas is cooled, the temperature at which condensation takes place is termed as dew point. If the air temperature falls below the dew point temperature, the water or liquid begins to condense. Dew point thermometer is generally used to determine the water vapor content of gaseous fuels by measurement of the dew point temperature. The Dew point thermometer also capable of measuring the relative humidity. The dew point thermometer can be used to forecast the weather to a certain degree.

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The ability of dew point thermometer to measure the errorless spot-checking of dew point temperature of any air or gases are boosting the demand for dew point thermometer in the market. Additional features such as wide temperature measuring range, waterproof & dustproof body casing, Bluetooth interface compact sizing, and battery operation functioning makes dew point thermometer user-friendly. Furthermore, rising adoption of dew point thermometer due to precise and reliable testing results is driving the dew point thermometer market growth across the globe.

Dew point thermometer Market: Drivers and restraints

Increasing Demand for Dew Point Thermometer for Climate Monitoring is Driving the Market Growth.

When the dew point temperature and air temperature are known, the metrological phenomenon like fog, dew, or rain can be forecast. As dew point thermometer is capable of measuring the temperature, relative humidity, and temperature, its adoption for measuring the ambient room temperature and humidity has increased in recent years. Furthermore, growing demand for dew point thermometer for indoor and environmental monitoring is also promoting the growth of the dew point thermometer across the globe.

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Dew point thermometer applications include monitoring the climates of refrigerated trucks, warehouses, HVAC installations and construction sites where excess condensation and uneven temperature can create the spoilage and health hazards. In addition to that, the frequent need for dew point thermometer to measure the wet-bulb temperature, air volume, and wind speed is accelerating the demand for dew point thermometer in the market.

However, lesser awareness associated with the dew point apparatus in undeveloped regions is one of the restraints that hinders the market growth.

Dew point thermometer Market: Competition Landscape

Some of the leading manufactures of the dew point thermometer are Koehler INSTRUMENT COMPANY.INC., PCE Deutschland GmbH, HOVERLABS, Apex Instruments., Elcometer Limited, COSA XENTAUR, ROTRONIC AG and CVS Controls Ltd.

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  • Leading manufacturers are manufacturing dew point thermometer for both indoor and outdoor monitoring and measuring applications. These manufacturers are designing easy to use compact dew point thermometer which are complying with the international testing standards. For instance, Koehler INSTRUMENT COMPANY.INC, one of the leading dew point thermometer manufacturing organization, has introduced the K32240 dew point thermometer in the market which confirms the specifications of ASTM D1142 and GPA.

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