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Cantaloupe Market Report Explored in Latest Research

Cantaloupe, also known as muskmelon is one of the most popular forms of melon in the United States and is grown widely in California as well as throughout Europe, although the original source of cantaloupe was actually in Africa, Iran, and India. It is a member of the Cucurbitacaea family and can grow anywhere from 500g to 5kg (1-10 pounds) heavy. The North American variety is actually closely related to muskmelon, but it has adopted the European name of cantaloupe for all intents and purposes. Some of the important biological elements present in the cantaloupe include niacin, dietary fiber, potassium, folic acid and vitamins such as vitamin C, A, and vitamin B6. Cantaloupe, besides being consumed as a delicious fruit has a wide variety of associated health benefits, including healthy skin and eyes, reduced chances of cancer, healthy lungs, and decreased stress levels. It also strengthens the immune system, prevents arthritis and aids in managing diabetes. These attributes are mainly due to the high levels of vitamins and minerals that naturally occur in this popular melon on the backdrop of which the global cantaloupe market is on the rise and growing at a healthy CAGR.

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The cantaloupe market is segmented on the basis of type, nature, application, distribution channels. On the basis of type, the cantaloupe market can be segmented into powder, liquid concentrate, and whole. The whole form of cantaloupe can be consumed as whole fruit, either fresh or frozen dried after processing. The powder form of cantaloupe is gaining widespread acknowledgement on the backdrop of it being used as ingredient in food & beverage applications as well as in dietary supplements post encapsulation.

On the basis of nat ure, the global cantaloupe market can be segmented into organic & conventional. The organic food virtually eliminates the risk of chemical residues but this is not its main advantage over conventional products.

The cantaloupe market can also be segmented on the basis of application into food & beverage, cosmetics & personal care, dietary supplements, and others. Owing to the increase of the health conscious population, the all-natural alternatives of pharmaceuticals are thriving equally affecting the expansion of the cantaloupe containing dietary supplements.

The global cantaloupe market is segmented on the basis of the end use which includes retail and industrial. The retail segment is further sub-segmented as distribution channel which includes online stores, hypermarkets/supermarkets, specialized drug stores, and convenience stores.

Global market drivers and restraints:-

The global cantaloupe market is primarily rising on the backdrop of its health benefits and its capabilities such as to prevent cancer owing to the presence of beta-carotene, an essential carotenoid that the body requires which is not only a precursor to vitamin A, but it also has been shown to act as a powerful antioxidant. The cantaloupe is also responsible to boost immunity on the account of the presence of vitamin C scavenges disease-causing free radicals and acts as an important line of defense for a healthy immune system. Also, vitamin C stimulates the production of white blood cells, which seek out and destroy dangerous bacteria, viruses, and other toxic substances or foreign bodies that may have found their way into our bloodstream. The cantaloupe market is also being driven by its capability to reduce stress and anxiety owing to the potassium it contains which has been connected to being a vasodilator, which means that it relaxes the blood vessels and reduces blood pressure. The cantaloupe has also been associated to control diabetes by improving insulin metabolism, which means a more stable fluctuation of blood sugar, preventing the dangerous spikes and plunges of blood sugar that all diabetics fear. It has also been shown to reduce oxidative stress on the kidneys, which can further prevent a number of kidney-related diseases. Other characteristics of the cantaloupe involve treating arthritis, aid in digestion, and the like.

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Regional Outlook:-

On the basis of region, the market in North America and Europe is expected to dominate over the forecast period followed by Asia-Pacific. A large number of consumer base has been developed in North America for the utilization of cantaloupe as a natural alternative for health issues which is anticipated to increase the growth of cantaloupe market in the region. Increase local players in Asia-Pacific region are anticipated to a high procurement of the products in the region. Asia is expected to become a prominent player by the end of the forecast period with a significant CAGR attributed to the growth in nutraceuticals and food & beverage industry in the region.

Major Key players:-

Some of the major key who are driving the Cantaloupe market globally are Bluebonnet Nutrition Corporation, Mello drinks, Eclectic Lady, Inc, Crispy Green Inc., and the like.

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