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Pepper Oleoresin Market Introduction:

Oleoresin is a flavor extract obtained from pepper by extraction with a solvent. The pepper, a native to south India and Vietnam, has oleoresin obtained from the ripened, dried seeds of black/ white pepper also known as peppercorn. The pepper oleoresin (black/white pepper oleoresin) is obtained primarily for its strong flavor, for use in food and beverage industry as a flavoring and coloring agent. The characteristics of pepper oleoresin include a yellowish brown liquid with a strong, pungent aroma of black pepper.

Pepper has been used as a spice since the medieval times and is known to have good antioxidant properties. The pepper oleoresins are known to retain these antioxidant properties in liquid extracts and are thus used in food industry as well as in pharmaceutical industry. Apart from this, the pepper oleoresin is also used as a food coloring agent and a food preservative, and are used as natural food preservatives in orange juice. Its antimicrobial properties make it an excellent food and beverage preservative.

In the pharmaceutical industry, the pepper oleoresin is known to have many medicinal properties, such as appetite stimulant, treatment of dysentery, nausea, dyspepsia, suppress pain and fever, anti- inflammatory properties and treatment of arthritis, and thus, is used in a number of medicines.

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Pepper Oleoresin Market: Segmentation

Pepper Oleoresin Market can be segmented on the basis of nature and application.

The global Pepper Oleoresin market can be segmented on the basis of nature into organic and conventional. The organic segment is expected to expand with significant rate as demand for organic products among the consumers is increasing.

On the basis of application, the global Pepper Oleoresin market can be segmented into food & beverages and pharmaceuticals. In the food & beverage segment, the Pepper Oleoresin is used in culinary applications, as a spice flavoring and coloring agent by food processing industries and is also used as a natural food preservative by food and beverage industries. The pepper oleoresin has many pharmaceutical applications in medicine, such as treatment of arthritis, back pain, digestive disorders, fever, nausea, etc.

Pepper Oleoresin Market: Drivers and Trends

On the backdrop of rising consumer awareness and use of natural/ herbal products, the global Pepper Oleoresin market is anticipated to grow at a substantial rate. The primary driver which is promoting the Pepper Oleoresin market is that it is economical to use and is cleaner in quality than its equivalent spices available in the market. Its natural ability to stimulate the appetite, treatment of arthritis, back pain, fever, nausea and other disorders, collectively adds to its market drivers, in turn resulting in natural medicine. The Pepper Oleoresin market is also seen to be flourishing on the backdrop of certain other properties such as an antioxidant property, anti-inflammatory property, and anti- microbial properties, making it a good natural food preservative and pain reliever.

The restraints of the Pepper Oleoresin market include the possible allergic reactions to black/ white peppers. Pepper oleoresin can cause irritation when exposed to sensitive skin or eyes. Products may have solvents added to them, which may be suitable for perfumery.

Pepper Oleoresin Market: Regional Outlook

According to the use and consumption pattern, Europe is the largest producer and consumer of the Pepper Oleoresin market accounting for over half of the global consumption followed by North America and Asia Pacific. India is the major producer of the pepper market in Asia Pacific, but the consumption of pepper oleoresin is more in Europe and North America. The Middle East & Africa and Latin America are expected to show a significant growth in the future.  The same is anticipated to increase by 2025.

Population around the globe is getting aware about the health benefits of natural and herbal ingredients and colors over synthetic colors and ingredients. Consumers around the globe are preferring natural ingredient products over conventional synthetic products.

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Pepper Oleoresin Market: Key Players

Some of the prominent manufacturers of Pepper Oleoresin globally are Venkatramna Industries, Plant Lipids (P) Limited, Rafbrix Private Limited, A. G. Industries, Kanta Enterprises Private Limited, Synthite Industries Ltd., Kancor Ingredients Limited, Botanic Health Care Pvt. Ltd., Universal Oleoresins, Ungerer & Company, AVT Natural Products Limited, IndoVedic Nutrients Pvt. Ltd, Ozone Naturals and AOS Products Private Limited.

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