Trailer Surge Brake Market Size, Historical Growth, Analysis, Opportunities and Forecast To 2029

Trailer Surge Brake Market: Introduction

Trailer surge brakes are the kind of hydraulic brakes that are actuated by using the momentum of the trailer and weight of the trailer. This brakes do not need any external power supply for their work unlike the electric brakes and also they do not require any controller for the proper actuation of the brakes. These brakes can be used for any kind of trailers and does not require electrical connection with the toe vehicles simplifying the connection of the trailer with the tow vehicles.

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Trailer Surge Brake Market: Dynamics

The actuation without any power supply the use of own momentum of the trailer to power the braking assembly are some of the features of the trailer surge brakes which are going to drive the market of the trailer surge brake. Also the hydraulic surge brakes are operated by the laws of physics which can never fail so the failure susceptibility of these brakes is relatively lower the reliability of the operation is likely to increase the implementation of trailer surge brakes by the various end users.

The usage of hydraulic trailer surge brakes also provides a simple assembly of the trailer with towing vehicle and are relatively lower cost than the electric brakes which might prove as contributing factor for improvement in the sales of trailer surge brakes.While there are the numerous advantages of trailer sure brakes which imparting growth in the sales some factors might play a pivotal role in hindering the growth of the market. The hydraulic surge brake could incur more maintenance charges and require a timely repairs while on the other hand electric brakes are nearly maintenance free and could show effective working without any repair requirement. This disadvantage might distract customers from trailer surge brakes and the customers could prefer electric brakes over trailer surge brakes. Also electric brakes provide more braking power than electric surge brake and are more effective for instant stoppage and scenarios where the requirement of more brake power is required for the trailers.

Today, the availability of electric brakes and air brakes is hampering the sales of the trailer surge brakes. The increasing number of manufacturers of electric brakes also compelling the manufacturers to provide the electric brakes with the least cost possible due to the effective slack in the prices of electric brakes the customers are leaned towards installation of electric brakes.

Trailer Surge Brake Marker: Regional Overview

The trailer surge brake market is expected to grow with a steady pace in the market of Europe. With increasing Cargo and Freight services in the market of South Asia the requirement of the trailer surge brakes could show an unprecedented surge. Also due to the increasing use of trailer for marine and also usage of automotive trailer is expected to push the market of North America with above than average growth.

The market of Middle East and Africa is expected to remain stagnant due to the limited use of trailers in the majority of African regions. Due to the recovery of the economies of countries in Latin America the automotive market is expected to grow at a slow and steady pace which in turn is going to pave the path for growth in the sales of trailer accessories. The market of East Asia spearheaded by China and Japan is expected to grow at a decent rate over the forecast years.

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Trailer Surge Brake Market: Market Participants

  • Dexter Axle Company
  • CURT Manufacturing LLC
  • Demco
  • Heritage Custom Trailers
  • PJ Trailers
  • Croft Trailer Supply
  • Lippert Components, Inc.
  • Atwood
  • Rigid Hitch

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