Cement Sculps Market Revenue to Witness Steady Growth Through 2018-2026

Cement Sculps Market

Cement sculps are surgical tools required to trim the excess cement with finishing which leaves an accurate response for the implant and leaves a smooth surface after the surgical procedure. Cement sculps help clear the uneven surface after a surgical procedure that involves the insertion of bone cement into a bone void for fixation. Several different forms of cement sculps, which are more efficient and often perform without gouging the bone area, have been created as a result of technology. These new methods have led to the development of cement sculps with molded-in thumb indentation that helps surgeons orient the product to reach difficult parts of the body with ease during an operation. Cement sculps are available in several different tip forms for surgeons to use in different forms. Disposable cement sculps are also being manufactured and are more convenient to use, which is also benefiting the overall cement sculps market.

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The global cement sculps market is expected to witness impressive growth in the near future due to the availability and usage of new product candidates with better technology that help limit the harm associated with cement sculps. Changing orthopedic trends are also encouraging market growth. Expansion in the usage of cement sculps is driven by a year-on-year rise in the population that requires treatments involving bone cement, patient population that requires bone fixation, and increase in the incidence of trauma cases. Factors, such as alternative treatment types to shape the excess cement and lack of awareness about cement sculps, are likely to hamper the growth of the cement sculps market in the near future.

The global market for cement sculps is segmented on basis of material type, end user, and geography:

Segment by Material Type

  • Stainless-steel
  • Plastic

Segment by End User

  • Hospital
  • ASCs
  • Specialty Clinics

The global cement sculps market is segmented by material type, end user, and geography. Based on the material type, the global cement sculps market is segmented into stainless-steel and plastic. The plastic segment is expected to dominate the cement sculps market due to its effectiveness over traditional stainless-steel owing to the methods of disposal over its constant use.  Based on end user, the cement sculps market is segmented into hospital, ASCs, and specialty clinics. Patients prefer to undergo surgeries at hospitals as most of the operations associated with cement sculps are practiced in these facilities.

On the basis of regional presence, the global cement sculps market is segmented into six key regions:  North America, Latin America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Asia-Pacific, and Middle East & Africa. North America is leading the cement sculps market due to new product innovations, where manufacturers are targeting developed markets due to the high incidence of these methods in this region. Western Europe is the second-largest market for cement sculps due to the presence of healthcare infrastructure that supports the need for cement sculps. The Asia Pacific market is also expected to grow at a higher rate owing to changing lifestyle, rapid population growth, adoption of Western lifestyle, and growth in research and development. The aforementioned factors are likely to drive the global cement sculps market during the forecast period.

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Some of the major players in cement sculps market are Smith & Nephew, Stryker, and Whitney Products Inc.  Adoption and technology for cement sculps plays a vital role in the growth of the market as it makes the procedure more efficient.

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