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Global Reflector Antenna Market to Offer Increased Growth Prospects for Manufacturers – Lake Shore Gazette

Global Reflector Antenna Market to Offer Increased Growth Prospects for Manufacturers

Reflector Antenna Market: Introduction

A reflector antenna is a device which can reflect electromagnetic waves and can present as an individual device used for redirecting RF (radio frequency) signals and also can be incorporated as a portion of the antenna assembly. A simple reflector antenna is combined with two different components, a reflecting surface and a small feed antenna, which is located at reflector’s focal point. Similarly, a complex reflector antenna consists of the secondary reflector at the focal point, which is feed by a primary reflector. These type of reflectors are known as dual-reflector antennas. There are various types of reflector antennas such as parabolic, cylindrical, corner and spherical reflector antennas.

The reflector that focuses the signal waves onto a center or single point must hold all the parts of the plane wavefront in phase and at the focal point. Therefore all the signal path lengths which are to be focused must be same in frequency, however, this requirement is enough to conclude the shape of the reflecting surface. Noticeably, the surface needs to be rotationally symmetric about its axis, also, in any plane which is containing the axis, that surface should look like the curve. They work on the principles known as geometrical optics (GO).

Reflector antennas are generally used for numerous purposes such as television, radio and data communications, and on the UHF and SHF parts of the electromagnetic spectrum, and also for radiolocation (RADAR). There are various advantages of a reflector antenna, they providing improved performance, helps in improving overall efficiencies, providing frequency duplexing, etc. Additionally, reflector antenna is used for radio communications at a long distance such as satellite links and radio relay links, radio astronomy, high-resolution RADAR, etc.

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Reflector Antenna Market: Market Dynamics

The market of the reflector antenna is driven by some factors such as the rise in the aviation industry and military, technological expansions such as coding, modulation, and protocol. Additionally, proliferation of radio frequency or radio wave technology may result in improvement of multi-user connection and range of connection. Product development and innovation in order to build reflector antenna can be considered as a driver of the market of reflector antenna. On the other hand, maintenance cost and bad performance during unfavorable weather conditions are restraining the growth of the market.

Reflector Antenna Market: Segmentation

  • Market segmentation of the Reflector Antenna market on the basis of its Product types:
    • Parabolic Reflector Antenna
    • Cylindrical Reflector Antenna
    • Corner Reflector Antenna
    • Spherical Reflector Antenna
  • Market segmentation of the Reflector Antenna market on the basis of its Radiation Pattern:
    • Omnidirectional Reflector Antenna
    • Directional Reflector Antenna
  • Market segmentation of the Reflector Antenna market on the basis of its Applications:
    • Base-Station Applications
      • Mobile applications
    • High Frequency Applications
      • Surveillance work
      • Wi-Fi, PCS/GPRS, LAN/WAN
    • Space Applications
      • Service Systems (TT&C, data transmission, navigation receivers, etc.)
  • Market segmentation of the Reflector Antenna market on the basis of its End use Sectors:
    • Aviation
    • Military
    • Commercial

Reflector Antenna Market: Regional Outlook

Asia Pacific region is projected to account for a major market share of the Reflector Antenna market and predicted to grow at a very high rate of growth over the forecast period. The expected high growth rate of Asia Pacific region is owing to the aviation industry in the region, due to which the use of Reflector Antenna will rise in order to maintain safety and ease. Additionally, as the military and aviation industry is growing in North America and Europe regions, the market is in these regions is projected to grow at a significant rate of growth. Whereas, Latin America region and the Middle East and Africa region are also anticipated at a growing rate of growth of the market of Reflector Antenna. However, these regions can be a potential market for the many global and regional market players of the Reflector Antenna market owing to the increasing industrialization and urbanization.

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Reflector Antenna Market: Market Participants

Examples of some of the market participants in the Reflector Antenna market identified across the value chain are ZHONGSHAN WANLITONG ANTENNA EQUIPMENT CO., LTD., Shaanxi Shinhom Enterprise Co.,Ltd, Shaanxi Shinhom Enterprise Co.,Ltd, Z-Optics LIMITED, China Star Optics, UNI Optics Co., Ltd, Changchun BRD Optical Co.,Ltd, Antenna Products Corporation, FreeWave Technologies, Inc., Sinclair Technologies, Wireless Automation Control, etc.

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