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Portable Media Players Market Application Scope Analysis by 2017 – 2025 – Lake Shore Gazette

Portable Media Players Market Application Scope Analysis by 2017 – 2025

A portable media player is an electronic device extensively used by people to listen to songs, watch videos, and store images. Since 2000s onwards portable media players have been utilized extensively by people starting from teenagers to adults. Portable media players can store and play audio, video and image files in different formats. Portable media players can be connected to TVs, wireless speakers through Bluetooth, USB and Wi-Fi.

Portable Media Players Market: Drivers and Restraints

Primary driver for portable media players’ multi functionality and features such as compatibility, high video and audio quality, flexible storage capacity, portability, connectivity, ease of use and networking capabilities with other audio and video devices. These advantages are expected increase the demand of Portable Media Players.

However, the rise of mobile devices like smartphones and tablet phones like the Apple iPhone or android phones, which has similar functionality and features along with the option to make telephone calls and connect to the internet for users, is impacting the growth of portable media players. There are more than one billion smartphone users across globe. The number smartphone users is expected to be doubled over next five years. Increase in number of smartphone users will act as major challenges in the adoption of portable media players.

Global Portable Media Players Market: Market Segmentation

Global Portable Media Players Market can be divided into two segments, based on media format supported and storage media.

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Segmentation on basis of Component for Portable Media Players Market:

The major segments of Portable Media Players market on basis of media format supported include:

  • Audio
  • Video

Segmentation on basis of Type for Portable Media Players Market:

The major segments of Portable Media Players market on basis of storage media include:

  • Flash-based players
  • Hard drive-based players or digital jukeboxes
  • MP3 CD/DVD players
  • Networked audio players
  • USB host/memory card audio players

Global Portable Media Players Market Technology Trends

As Portable media players have grown in capabilities, the dividing line has blurred between multimedia phones and mobile internet devices. Smartphones market is hampering the growth of portable media players market due to multi functionality of smartphones. Most of the people prefer to use smartphones instead of portable media players because, smartphones has all the feature which portable media players has, such as storage capacity, high quality video and audio players and sound quality, high resolution etc., Also, the users doesn’t like to invest money on both portable media players and smartphones. Instead, users like to invest on smartphones than portable media players. Moving forward, portable media players manufacturers should focus on the larger multimedia phones and growing opportunity in mobile Internet devices. At present, most of portable media players’ users are teenagers and fitness enthusiastic people who use portable media players during commuting, exercising, running or walking.

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Global Portable Media Players Competitive Landscape

Some of the major Portable Media Players vendors include Apple Inc., Samsung, Creative Technology Ltd., SanDisk Corporation, Sony Corporation, Archos, Microsoft Corporation, Koninklijke Philips N.V., Coby Electronics Corporation, Cinepal, among others.

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