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Extensive Growth Opportunities to be Witnessed by Block Sack Market by 2019-2029 – Lake Shore Gazette

Extensive Growth Opportunities to be Witnessed by Block Sack Market by 2019-2029

Block Sack Market: Overview

Block sacks are made up of either paper or plastics woven bags used for adding strength in product handling during transportation. Due to many benefits of block sacks such as light weighted and tamper-proof, its need is increasing drastically for material handling. Besides this, block sacks are durable and versatile which gives added advantage for using block sacks in various sectors. The valve provision in the block sacks helps to speed up the product filling and sealing process. The block sack market is dynamic. There is a tough competition amongst manufacturers of block sacks since it is economic production and less raw material inputs are required. The manufacturers are adding resistance in the block sacks in terms of heat, water, and other climatic conditions. Hence, the demand for block sacks for preserving food articles is increasing. This further push the market growth of block sacks. It is expected that the market for block sacks will increase during the forecast period.

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The block sacks market is increasing with the increase in food and beverages industries, chemicals, agriculture sectors, etc.

Block Sack Market: Dynamics

The block sack market is driven because of less raw material requirement and less initial capital requirement. However, the major driving force for this market is tear proof and safe material transportation. The other factors responsible for increasing block sacks market are its recyclability and customization. The demand for block sacks is increasing in various industries for eye catchy branding and promotion purpose. The maximum demand for block sacks is expected in retail sectors, as these are available in multiple shapes, sizes, and colors. The block sack market is also increasing on the backdrop of construction industries. Because of heavy strength, material carrying capacity and resistance quality, construction industries are using block sacks for storing cement. On the other side, paper block sacks are highly demanded in pharmaceuticals sectors for the storage of drugs and medicines.

In spite of many positive aspects, the market of block sacks might slow down because of other packaging solutions like corrugated boxes and metal boxes. However, block sacks are flexible for use and multipurpose. Additionally, it incurs less capital for packaging compared to other solutions.

Block Sack Market: Regional Outlook

The block sack market is increasing rapidly due to its customizability and branding. A large number of agricultural activities and establishment of agro agencies across APAC region will give lucrative opportunities for the growing market of block sacks. The PP laminated block sacks are highly demanded in the construction sector. It is witness that the construction sector is rapidly growing in the U.S. and Europe. This will propel the market growth of block sack on the footprints of the construction sector in these regions. The increasing awareness of protection against spoilage, food wastage due to climatic conditions will lead to the evolution of the global market of block sacks over the next few years. The exponential rise in seed and fertilizers storage will lead to a rise in block sack markets.

Block Sack Market: Segmentation

Block sacks are segmented on the basis of raw material used for manufacturing the sacks, product type, Capacity, application, and end use.

By Raw Material,

  • Plastic
  • Paper
  • Jute

By Product Type,

  • Shopping Sacks
  • Box type Sacks
  • Valve Sacks
  • Woven Sacks
  • Block Bottom Sacks

By Capacity,

  • Upto 20Kg
  • 21 – 30 Kg
  • 30 – 40 Kg
  • More than 40 Kg

By Application,

  • Fertilizer Sacks
  • Seed Sacks
  • Grains and Pulses Sacks
  • Cement Sacks
  • Others ( Food & Spices Sacks)

Block Sack Market: Key Players

  • Starlinger Company
  • East Riding Sacks Limited
  • Shouman Company
  • Dyna Polyplast Pvt Ltd.
  • Segezha Group
  • Flexipol Packaging Limited
  • AB Group Packaging
  • Tianjin Jia Tai Feng Plastic Woven Co., Ltd.

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