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Methadone Market Assessed to Inform Apart 2x Growth by Implies That in 2019-2029 – Lake Shore Gazette

Methadone Market Assessed to Inform Apart 2x Growth by Implies That in 2019-2029

Methadone Market

Methadone, a synthetic narcotic analgesic, is part of a category called opioids. This opioid has pharmacologic actions qualitatively similar to morphine. Methadone is generally used as a pain reliever and as part of drug addiction detoxification and maintenance therapy. Pain is one of the widely recognized phenomenon and around 85% of individuals are accounted to suffer from pain globally at some point in their life. Pain can be of various types such as due to surgery, strain, etc. A person experiencing severe and chronic pain is given small doses of methadone which encounters the agony by changing the way the brain and nervous system respond to pain. Opiate dependence is a major public health problem. Because of opioid abuse more than 70,000 deaths in America were reported in the year of 2017 which eventually brought stringent administrative measures by many regulatory bodies. Methadone is used to scale down the withdrawal symptoms in people accustomed to heroin or other narcotic drugs. Despite being an opioid, the gradual and mellow onset of methadone’s action restrain the user from getting high and encountering euphoric effects.

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Increasing prevalence of the emerging pain associated with therapeutic and post-surgical treatment of cancer and other chronic diseases is expected to drive the growth of the methadone market. Methadone is used to relieve severe pain in patients who are advised to take pain medication around the clock for a long period of time and who cannot be treated with other variants of medication. Moreover, the methadone market is highly driven by methadone maintenance therapy which involves long-term usage of methadone formulation to patients who are reliant on opiates. Increasing incidents of opioid abuse and growing number of heroin and other drug accustomed people and their treatment which involves short-term administration of methadone hydrochloride only add up to the robust growth of the methadone market. Methadone has proven to be a good alternative to morphine sulfate and other opiate analgesics owing to its long half-life and low risk value posing to the patient. All these factors supports the burgeoning of methadone market. However, due to some risks associated with the use of methadone over patients suffering from severe asthma or breathing problems could restrain its usage which could slow down the methadone market. Also, misuse of methadone like overdosing or stopping the dosage without the doctor’s consent may result in rapid heartbeat, hallucinations and troubled breathing. This may also hamper the growth of the market.

The global methadone market is segmented based on the route of administration, by therapeutic area, distribution channel and region.

By route of administration, the global methadone market is segmented as:

  • Oral
    • Tablets
    • Oral solutions
  • Injectable

By therapeutic area, the global methadone market is segmented as:

  • Pain treatment
  • Detoxification
  • Maintenance therapy

By distribution channel, the global methadone market is segmented as:

  • Hospital Pharmacies
  • Retail Pharmacies
  • Rehab centers
  • Drug Stores

The global Methadone market is anticipated to experience constant growth over the forecast time frame due to expanding predominance of pain and growing need of methadone for maintenance and detoxification therapy. By route of administration, oral administration is anticipated to be the most worthwhile fragment in the global methadone market due to availability of the drug in various forms and dosage. By therapeutic area, pain management is expected to be the most revenue generating segment in global methadone market followed closely by maintenance therapy.

The global methadone market is anticipated to be dominated by the North America owing to higher predominance of the agony and growing incidents of drug addiction. Europe is anticipated to be the second most profitable region in the global methadone market due to higher adoption rate of the analgesics. Latin America market is expected to experience steady growth. However, MEA expected to be the least rewarding business sector because of lower adoption. Asia-Pacific is expected to be the fastest growing methadone market due to massive population in countries such as China and India.

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The key participants operating in the global methadone market are: Eli Lilly and Company, Sanofi, Roxane Laboratories, Mallinckrodt, Siegfried AG, Johnson Matthey, Tianjin Central Pharma and others.

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