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Sorting Equipment Market: Market Outlook

Material handling involves movement, storage, control and protection of materials during their manufacturing, distribution, consumption, and disposal. There are different material handling systems and equipment uses in industrial plants such as sorting equipment. The process of sorting helps in several purposes such as component segregation, assembling and packing identical items by a section. Sorting equipment are considered to make things easier and the sorting equipment techniques can be digital sorting, optical sorting, magnet sorting, sensor sorting to name a few more. Also, these equipment sort objects on the basis of structural properties, chemical composition, weight, color, size, shape etc. in automated manner. Moreover, the applications of sorting varies from agricultural products, consumer manufactured products, books, etc.

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Earlier, the manual contribution has been commonly reported for the sorting process from small scale industries to comparatively large-scale industries. However, owing to increase in competition in the global market, the so-called big manufacturing industries and companies started seeking for better technologies that would decrease human effort and hence the resulting errors which in turn would help them upsurge their productivity and meet the required demand. This further would help them take a massive profit in return and thus the growth of that firm gets kick-started. Consequently, the advent of automation in sorting area has become a boon for such industrial segment. In multi-national and large-scale industries companies, the manual sorting is nil or very less. This has further improved the product reliability and quality as a whole. In many other places where sorting comes into play predominantly are seaports, airports and small-scale

Sorting Equipment Market: Driver

Increase in demand for process automation in food industry is anticipated to fuel the demand for sorting equipment market. Moreover, in many industrial sectors (such as pharmaceutical and automotive) is of high importance. Sorting machine can be more cost efficient and operate quickly, while ensuring the quality of the product which is never compromised. Therefore, it will drive the demand for sorting equipment market.

Sorting Equipment Market: Restraint

The restraining factor of the sorting equipment market is the high cost of this equipment and their number of extra parts that increase the price of the equipment. Moreover the current installed base which has a reasonable shelf life will cause limited progress of the market where comparatively less number of new units is likely to be secured by end use customers. Also, slowdown of manufacturing industries in developed countries is another factor as a limits the demand for Sorting Equipment market

Sorting Equipment Market: Trend

Nowadays, optical sorting equipment are on high demand. These sorters are substituting manual sorting processes in the food industry owing to the shortage in the rising labor costs, and an enlarged demand from consumers who want high-quality systems. The rising labor costs are compelling several sectors to implement these systems to perform time-consuming and critical tasks. The food industry is growing its focus on installing automation for increasing the productivity. From getting raw material to checking the finished products, these systems are being executed into the production lines to help in reviewing the production volumes. Moreover, these systems help in removing foreign defective & material products and help in achieving improved product quality and decreased operational costs, thereby driving the sorter equipment (optical) market demand.

Sorting Equipment Market: Regional Outlook

Region wise, MEA is gaining traction owing to the mounting adoption of these equipment in mining sector. Moreover, Japan and China are experiencing a high implementation of these advanced sorting solutions due to the rising industrial sector and faster technological adoption. The North America region will also register rapid growth due to the increasing demand from end use sector (especially waste management system). Also, Europe is also projected to witness a steady growth rate over the forecast period.

Sorting Equipment Market: Segmentation

On the basis of end use, the Sorting Equipment Market can be segmented into:

  • Chemical Industry Sorting Equipment
  • Food Industry Sorting Equipment
  • Pharmaceutical Industry Sorting Equipment
  • Plastic Industry Sorting Equipment
  • Wood Industry Sorting Equipment
  • Agriculture Sorting Equipment
  • Packaging Sorting Equipment

On the basis of product type, the Sorting Equipment Market can be segmented into:

  • Freefall Sorter
  • Channel Sorter
  • Automated Defect Removal (ADR)
  • Belt Sorters

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Sorting Equipment Market: Market Participants

Examples of some of the market participants/vendors identified in the Sorting Equipment Market across the globe are: Sesotec, Tomra, Greefa, B uhler Sortex, BarcoVision, Satake USA, Key Technology, Meyer, Aweta, Daewon GSE, Raytec Vision, Concept Engineers, RTT Steinert, BT Wolfgang Bnder, TaiHo, MSS, Pellenc, CP Manufacturing, MSS, Inc.

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