Corn Germ Meal Market Detailed Analytical Overview by 2028

Market Outlook

The sustained increase in the consumption of dairy products and livestock in the past decade has fuelled the demand for corn germ meal. Corn germ meal is an animal feed ingredient which is obtained as a byproduct during industrial corn oil processing. Corn germ meal is also known as maize germ meal, maize germ cake, spent germ meal, etc. Corn germ meal is used as a dietary fiber for cattle that supplies palatable and a good source of nutrients for healthy growth and, metabolism.  Due to the presence of rich fibrous content, corn germ meal is highly utilized as feed for the ruminants. As ruminants have an additional support system to digest fibrous food and extract essential fibers such as cellulose, hemicellulose, and lignin from the diet. The corn germ meal has taken precedence over straight feedstuff and Corn germ meal as it helps in maintaining consistent quality of nutrients that promote flexibility to the animals. Corn germ meal is supplemented with various gains such as barley, distiller’s grain, sorghum, and wheat in animal’s diet with varying quantities based on their requirements for growing, lactating and breeding. With the increasing food processing industries across the world, the livestock production and distribution is also expanding over the years which is anticipated to drive the positive growth of the global corn germ meal market in the future.

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Corn Germ Meal as a Substitute for Regular dietary Feed

The sustained increase in the cost of raw materials has resulted in the dynamic pricing of regular feedstuff ingredients for the animals. As corn germ meal is obtained as a byproduct during corn oil processing, the price of corn germ meal is comparatively lesser than other regular feed ingredients available in the market. As corm germ meal contains an adequate concentration of fiber, proteins, fats, and starch, it is substituted with other compound feedstuffs. The corn germ meal has nutrition-dense it can be readily combined with molasses and tallows and hence can be used as a carrier for liquid nutrients.  As the corn germ meal fulfills the requirement of the essential fats of animals, it enables to produce soft textured and juicy beef and pork. The growing consumption of livestock in recent years has been a major driving factor for the high demand for corn germ oil across the world. Prominent manufacturers are focused on developing a range of corn germ meal that aligns with various health requirements and nutritional values for the animals. Bound to all these factors, the global corn germ meal market is anticipated to grow positively in terms of value and volume during the forecast period.

Global Corn Germ Meal Market: Market Segmentation

On the basis of animal type, the global corn germ meal market has been segmented as-

  • Ruminants
  • Poultry
  • Cat Fish
  • Others

On the basis of nature, the global corn germ meal market has been segmented as-

  • Organic
  • Conventional

On the basis of product type, the global corn germ meal market has been segmented as-

  • Feed Grade
  • Industrial Grade

On the basis of application, the global corn germ meal market has been segmented as-

  • Animal Feed
  • Fertilizers

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Global Corn Germ Meal Market: Key Players

Some of the major key players of the Corn germ meal Feed includes Archer Daniels Midland, Meihua Group, Nestlé S.A, Paramesu Biotech Pvt. Ltd., Bob’s Red Mill, Organika, Wilmar International Ltd., AB Agri, Tate & Lyle, etc. More feed processors and farmers are showing a keen interest in the Corn germ meal feed as the demand is expanding every year.

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