Demand Scenario of Global Perfusion Tubing Systems Market research to Remain Positive Through 2019-2029

The term “Perfusion” is derived from the French word ‘perfuse’, means to pass through or to pour into. Proper organ perfusion depends upon the maintenance of cardiac output. Abnormal changes in the cardiac output may lead to problems like blood pressure and heart attack. Perfusion tubes are the transparent tubes made up from polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Easy debubbling and excellent flow visibility, are the two main characteristics of the ideal perfusion tubing system. Perfusion tubs used in combination with the lung-heart machine and other devices used to temporarily replace the functions of heart and lungs during internal body organ surgery. Perfusion tube set contains non-toxic medical grade PVC tunings, one-way valve, pre-sieve bypass filter stop cock, pressure isolator, connectors, clamps, cap and etc. Sterilization and biocompatibility the two additional characteristics taken into the consideration while selecting the perfusion tubes, ethylene oxide is commonly used sterilizing agent for the sterilization of perfusion tubing system.

Perfusion Tubing System Market: Drivers and Restraints

The increasing number of chronic diseases like cardiac disease, kidney problems, and liver disorders may lead to organ transplant procedure. Organ transplantation may boost the perfusion tubing system market. However, changing lifestyle pattern such as smoking and alcohol consumption may create heart failure and liver disorder, these diseases treatment expected to drive perfusion tubing system market in future. Introduction of bioplasticizer with minimal toxicity and lesser cost of perfusion tubing set may boost the perfusion tubing system market. Strict rules and regulations from the regional governing authorities are the main barrier for the perfusion tubing system market. Rapid advancement in the disease diagnostic methods for the chronic disorder expected to drive the perfusion tubing system market in coming years. Sterility maintenance is the major challenge for the perfusion tubing system manufacturers. Migration of di(2-ethylhexyl)phthalate plasticizer (DEHP) from polyvinyl chloride (PVC) circuit tubing leads to potential side effects on the body which may deter the growth of perfusion tubing sets market. The maintained of quality of plasticizer is major challenge for manufacturer while manufacturing the perfusion tubing sets, which may lead to sluggish growth of perfusion tubing sets market.

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Perfusion Tubing System Market: Overview

The perfusion tubing system market is expected to show robust growth over the forecast period due to the rising number of cases of lung cancer and heart surgeries. On the basis of Technique type, infusion set tubing sharing the high revenue over the forecast period, due to the advancement in perfusion techniques for the cardiac and lung treatment. Pump tubing system is new and used along with the catheter in diagnostics devices, introduction of novel diagnostic treatment for hollow organs expected to show the exponential growth for perfusion tubing system market. Pressure measurement tubing can handle the high pressure of fluids during surgeries, hence for the long duration surgeries, may propel the demand of perfusion tubing system in future. Based on treatment type, heart and bronchial musculature treatment market expected to show high growth rate due to the growing incidences of heart attack and lungs cancer. Among all end user hospital segment will dominate the perfusion tubing system market in term of revenue which is then followed by the specialty clinics. While medical research center segment is expected to grow at a greater pace than other segments by end user for perfusion tubing system market over the forecast period.

Perfusion Tubing System Market: Regional Overview

On a regional basis, North America market is a growing market for perfusion tubing system over the forecast period. Since the increase in the rate of internal body organ surgery rate and advancement in the technology for the organ transplantation may boost the perfusion tubing system market in future. Europe is the second dominating market over the forecast period and expected to show the increasing growth for the perfusion tubing system market in the future. At present rewarding opportunity for perfusion tubing system manufacture companies, in Asia Pacific Indian market is anticipated for the increasing demand for the perfusion tubing system. Latin America and EMEA market may show slow growth rate for the perfusion tubing system, since the minimal awareness of the people about the organ transplantation technique and ethical issue related to the organ donation. Hence, these regions are expected to witness good revenue growth from perfusion tubing system during the forecast period.

Perfusion Tubing System Market: Key Players

Some of the key players found across the value chain perfusion tubing system market are LABORIE, Medtronic Perfusion Systems, Biorep technologies, Nipro, Luigs & Neumann, Bioptechs, inc. Innosets, XVIVO Perfusion, AlkorDraka Group, Spirax-Sarco Engineering Company, Warner Instruments are some of the leading companies currently operating in the global perfusion tubing systems market.

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