Naturally Cultured Beverages Market Healthy Pace throughout the Forecast during 2019-2029

Naturally Cultured Beverages Market Outlook:

Maintaining a good amount of bacteria in the body is essential for achieving a healthy gut as well as a healthy immune system. This, in turn, has led to an increase in the demand of naturally cultured beverages. Naturally cultured beverages are loaded with bacteria that are beneficial in improving the digestion, embattling the immune system, aiding in detoxification, contributing to a balanced mind and preserving normal body weight. This, its fueling naturally cultured beverages market as people are nowadays switching to the products that are more natural and organically produced and have multiple benefits. The various examples of naturally cultured beverages are sauerkraut, miso, kimchi, kombucha, kefir, rejuvelac, yakult, kvass, and others.

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The naturally cultured beverages are a great alternative to the carbonated drinks as they are produced by the actions of microorganisms such as bacteria, yeast and fungi, are available in different flavours and are beneficial for health and others. As people are getting to know more about the benefits that these naturally cultured beverages offer, its use is growing and hence it is boosting the market of naturally cultured beverages.

The Increase in Healthcare Awareness and shift in Fitness Standards Drives the Demand for Naturally Cultured Beverages

Some of the driving factors in the growth of the naturally cultured beverages market include healthcare awareness among the people, growing technological advancements and urbanization. People, these days, are becoming more aware of how they can positively impact the digestive system and keep the healthcare costs down and as a result, they have started including these naturally cultured beverages regularly in their diet which is in turn fueling naturally cultured beverages market. Moreover, a shift in fitness trends, an increase in per capita income and improvement in living standards are boosting the naturally cultured beverages market.

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Thus, these few factors are expected to drive the naturally cultured beverages market. It is anticipated that in 2019, the food and beverage industry will be followed by many exciting and new trends and people will be driven to the drinks that have a personalized function i.e. which provide a personal health benefit, have a healthy plant base, are organic, have easy accessibility and the ones that are considerably low in sugar and thus, this will impact naturally cultured beverages market’s growth positively. Since the naturally cultured beverages have experienced a recent rise in consumption, its market is expected to grow as more and more people are getting aware of it.

Naturally Cultured Beverages: Regional Analysis

The increase in healthcare awareness and a shift in fitness and living standards are anticipated to serve as the drivers for the increase in demand for naturally cultured beverages in Africa and the Asia Pacific. The U.S also observed a surge in retail sales of Kombucha and other naturally cultured beverages. The U.S. beverage market overall is getting benefitted from the added intrigues of innovations and formulations in recent years. In Africa, awareness of the health-promoting properties of cultured foods and beverages is growing and people are now producing naturally cultured beverages and foods largely.

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Few key market players in the naturally cultured beverages market are:-

  • Deane’s Kombucha
  • Danone
  • Rejuvenation Inc.
  • Food Alive Inc.
  • Prima food Ingredients Ltd.
  • Sun Impex International Food Llc.
  • Theonista
  • Townshed’s Tea Company

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