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Recent research: Dry Yogurt Market detailed analytical overview by 2029 – Lake Shore Gazette

Recent research: Dry Yogurt Market detailed analytical overview by 2029

Dry Yogurt Market Outlook

Dry yogurt is a powder that is white to yellowish in colour. Dry yogurt or yogurt powder is produced using milk or regular yogurt. The production of dry yogurt is either by adding starting cultures to the milk then drying the product or by removing all the moisture from yogurt only until the remaining matter is dry and can easily be made into powder. Fat contents and pH levels of dry yogurt can vary depending upon the end-use applications of dry yogurt. According to this, there are different products types of dry yogurts that are available. The primary motive of dry yogurt manufacturing is to enhance the shelf life and stability of the yogurt.

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Dry Yogurt is Replacing Yogurt in the Industrial Products to Impart a Yogurt Flavour at Low Production Costs

The use of dry yogurt in the food and beverages processing industry is extensive and not restricted to a certain type of product. It is being used in savoury, as well as sweet products. The storage of dry yogurt is easier as compared to the yogurt which needs to be refrigerated and has a shorter span. Whereas dry yogurt can be kept on the shelf and has a longer shelf life. The use of dry yogurt in food products is more than that of beverages and cosmetic products. This reduces the cost of production for the industrial manufacturers as its transport will also not cost much. This has resulted in the dry yogurt being used as a replacement for yogurt. Also, the availability of dry yogurt in various different flavours can provide the required taste and flavour in the food products. In the cosmetics and personal care industry, dry yogurt is expected to gain traction due to the high demand for natural ingredients in the products.

Dry Yogurt Market: Regional Analysis

The use of dry yogurt mainly in the industrial sector has led to its high demand increasing globally. But its demand in North America and Europe is the highest as the awareness among the consumers is more in these regions. Especially, in Europe, the use of dry yogurt is the highest as the bakery industry and the food industry is well developed. Also, the demand for natural cosmetic products is high in Europe and in the Middle East increasing the use of dry yogurt in these regions. South Asia is an attractive market for dry yogurt due to the growing food and beverages industry and the increasing awareness among the consumers in this region.

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Dry Yogurt Market: Key Participants

The key participants in the dry yogurt market are –

  • Glanbia Nutritionals
  • Epi Ingredients
  • Ace International LLP
  • Almil AG
  • Kerry Inc.
  • PreGel America, Inc.
  • C.P. Ingredients Ltd.
  • Bluegrass Dairy & Food, Inc.
  • Dr. Suwelack
  • Armor Protéines
  • Prolactal GmbH
  • Bempresa Ltd.
  • Schwarzwaldmilch GmbH
  • Biogrowing
  • Ballantyne
  • Bayerische Milchindustrie eG
  • Molda AG – Döhler Dahlenburg
  • Ostmilch Handels GmbH
  • BARTEX Sp. z o.o.
  • Lactoland Trockenmilchwerk GmbH

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