Research details developments in the Butter Concentrate Market future scenario by 2029

Butter Concentrate Market Outlook

Butter concentrate is a clarified form of butter. Butter concentrate is a cream that is used in large quantities by the food service providers and food industry manufacturers. Butter concentrate is used as a substitute for butter, due to its cost-effective nature in the food and beverages industry. Concentrated butter can be stored even at the room temperature. The concentrated butter is called reconstituted butter when it is combined with the perfect ratio of water to restore butterfat balance for butter or normal water. There is a significant rise in the global butter concentrate market. A large number of manufacturers are entering in the manufacturing of butter concentrate. Manufacturers looking forward to enter into butter concentrate market have huge opportunities to flourish in market. The key countries in the butter concentrate market are France, Denmark, Germany, Iceland, New Zealand, Austria, Switzerland, and the Czech Republic.

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In 2018, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations and World Health Organization together amended some international standards for making butter and its further processing. These include the use of ingredients such as sodium chloride and food grade salt, potable water, and starter cultures of harmless lactic acid and/or flavor producing bacteria, minimum milk fat content should be 80% m/m, and many other likewise.

The Significant Rise in the Health Consciousness amongst Consumers Is Driving the Demand for Butter Concentrate

The global butter concentrate market is significantly driven by rising consumer awareness and consciousness regarding the consumption of healthy food in their daily diet. Butter concentrate is a great source of vitamin A, D, E, and K. Butter concentrate adds butter like flavor in the food and contains less saturated fat as compared to butter which has gained the attention of consumers towards it. Moreover, using butter in the making of food increases the cost of production and hence the selling amount of the product. Butter concentrate is an alternative to the butter which is affordable if compared to butter. This is one of the prime reason for the growth and the development of the butter concentrate market. The butter concentrate market is driven by a noteworthy rise in the milk and dairy industry across the globe. There is a significant increase in manufacturing value added milk and dairy products globally which is also supporting the growth of the butter concentrate market.

The key restraint in the butter concentrate market is the availability of substitutes for butter concentrate. Furthermore, the changes in the policies and regulation are also hindering the market growth.

Butter Concentrate Market: Regional Analysis

The Asia Pacific, European and North American countries are the major markets in the global butter concentrate market. There is a significant rise in the competition in the food and beverage industry has propelled market players to offer value, quality, and additional elements to their products. The market is more in these regions as a consequence of a large population, an increase in the per capita income, and overall growth of the food and beverages industry.

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Butter Concentrate Market: Key Participants

Some of the major market participants in the butter concentrate market are:

  • Koninklijke VIV Buisman B.V.
  • Hoche Butter GmbH
  • DMK Deutsches Milchkontor GmbH
  • C.P. Ingredients Ltd.
  • The Uelzena eG
  • Cumberland Packing Corp.
  • Natures Flavors, Inc.
  • One on One Flavors Inc.
  • Capella Flavors, Inc.
  • PLC Ingredients Group
  • Wizard Labs Inc.
  • VapeWild, LLC

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